intervention underwater ROV
Leopard Saab Seaeye



  • Type:


  • Depth:

    2,000 m, 3,000 m (6561'08")


The high power compact electric work class vehicle.
The Leopard is an exceptionally powerful electric work class vehicle with a minimal 20ft x 8ft LARS footprint. It is fitted with up to 11 thrusters to provide a forward thrust of over 500kgf, has a 200kg payload and is controlled by Saab Seaeye's iCON™ intelligent control system.

A large open payload within the chassis allows for the installation of specially designed sliding trays equipped with survey sensors or tooling options. A wide range of tooling skids make the Leopard a versatile system capable of performing a range of work tasks in even the harshest of environments at depths of up to 3000m.