intervention underwater ROV
Falcon Saab Seaeye



  • Type:


  • Depth:

    300 m (984'03")


Seaeye Falcon Features:

300 metre depth rating, 14 kilo payload
Max 450 metre umbilical (1100 metres with F2 Fibre Optic Pack)
Magnetically coupled brushless DC thrusters with velocity feedback loop
4 Vectored and 1 vertical thruster
50 kgf thrust with 1:1 power to weight ratio
Distributed intelligence control system
Integral system diagnostics
High resolution colour camera on 180° Tilt Platform
Variable intensity, 6400 Lumens of LED lighting
Auto heading, depth, compass and rate gyro
Portable surface control system with video overlay and daylight readable display
Low drag umbilical
Single phase A/C power input - auto selecting universal 100-270 VAC at 2.8 kW