yacht winch / storage / hydraulic drive / single-drum
CW2500 Lewmar



  • Application domain:

    for yachts

  • Use:


  • Drive mechanism:

    hydraulic drive

  • Technology:



Lewmar's Captive Winch Line Management System offers safe, remote-controlled line handling and storage for yachts in the 22m (72ft) to 91m (300ft) range. The unique separate hauling drum eliminates the need for long lead entries, while storing the rope at low tension on a separate drum prevents damage to the rope.

Up to 25% lighter than previous models
Compact size
Up to 3 speed options
Carbon stowage drum
Eliminates long lead entry angles
Can be used with proportional or non proportional hydraulic control systems
Self sustaining – no load ‘drop back’ when the brakes are applied
Pulls from 2.5 to 18 tons
A separate hauling drum eliminates the need for long lead entries while storing the rope to the separate storage drum, allowing the rope to be stored neatly at low tension and preventing damage to the rope and the possibility of riding turns.

■ Unique V groove sheave improves grip and reduces rope damage

■ Line stowing system ensures low line tension and good line lay

Automatic hauling system
Separate hauling and stowing drums, allows more rope storage for a given sizegrip and reduces rope damage
Emergency high-load release feature

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