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Devils Claw Lewmar

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yacht chain stopper yacht chain stopper - Devils Claw


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    for yachts


The devils claw chain stoppers are designed to be used with Lewmar V8 to V12 windlass range.

The devils claw chain stopper paddle holds the load of the anchor and chain when at anchor, taking the load off the windlass, and the Devils Claw is for tensioning the anchor chain when the anchor is stowed, preventing it from moving when under way.

As required by classification societies, the breaking load of these units is calculated at 125% of the breaking load of the chain. The stopper paddles are made from high tensile 17-4PH St/St, and the main bodies are made using 316 St/St, combined with an integral high tensile FV520B St/St stopper block.

The Lewmar devils claw is available in horizontal & vertical configurations and a wide range of chain size from 14 to 22mm Studlink Chain. Vertical units have the Devils Claw operating vertically, while horizontal units have the Devils Claw operating horizontally. The chain size is based on U2 studlink chain although shortlink chain will operate in the same size studlink chain unit.

The eight of chain operation is designated by windlass size. It is possible to use for example a 'V8' size unit with a V9 windlass if the claw anchor is mounted on a plinth to raise it to the correct height.