digital barometer / plug-and-play / NMEA 2000®
BaroPlug LCJ Capteurs



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    plug-and-play, NMEA 2000®


BaroPlug is the first of its kind:
It allows your NMEA2000 instruments to use atmospheric pressure with a device of the size of a USB key which is plugged in to the NMEA2000 backbone in a fistful of seconds.
The data is immediately recognized by any NMEA2000 instrument system which will process and display the data.
This affordable barometer answers a need in a smart and nice design.
BaroPlug weights 35 gr and measures 8 cm long for less than 2 cm diameter. It measures the pressure from 850 hPa to 1150 hPa to one decimal resolution and sends the relevant pgn to the NMEA network. BaroPlug complies with the NMEA2000 V2 & V3 specifications.

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