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GT402 Kongsberg Maritime



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    for storage tanks


Formerly known as Autronica pressure transmitter GT402.

For level measurement on ballast / service tanks

The transmitter will measure static pressure from the liquid column. When the monitoring system has information about density and temperature, the contents (level) of the tank is easily calculated. The transmitter is mounted to the tank via a control valve.

For inert gas in cargo tanks
We deliver complete systems for cargo tank monitoring including a high accuracy level gauging radar GL-100. If the pressure transmitter is delivered as a part of this system, it is preferably installed on the radar adapter. A mantle cable connects the pressure transmitter and connection box of the radar.

Main specifications
Ranges: 0-60 bar gauge, 0-40 bar absolute
Accuracy: <±0.25% of FRO
Temperature drift: <±0.005% of FRO/°C
Comp. temperature range: 0 to 60°C
Long term stability: <±0.3% of FRO/year