All Kongsberg Maritime products

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles / marine robots

Launch and Recovery System for AUV and ROV

Underwater vehicle instruments

Positioning systems, DP / thruster / joystick

Joystick control system

Navigation systems

Integrated workstations

Marine Fleet Management Software

Colour Underwater Video Cameras

Monochrome Underwater Video Cameras

Underwater Digital Stills Camera

Underwater Lamps and Flashguns

Actuators - Pan & Tilt and Rotator Units

Motion and heading sensors

Helideck Monitoring System

Propulsion control system

Integrated Marine automation systems

Engine monitoring systems

Marine switchboards

Process control systems, K-Pro

Safety system

Onshore systems

Pressure transmitters for marine application

Level switches for marine application

Marine temperature sensors

Water ingress detection system

cNODE - Transponders for HiPAP and HPR

HAIN - Hydroacoustic Aided Inertial Navigation

Multibeam echo sounders

Single Beam Echo Sounders

Echo sounder sweep systems

Wide swath bathymetry systems

Navigational echo sounders

Synthetic aperture sonar

Multibeam Sonar

Underwater Altimeter

Side scan sonars

Radar based tank gauges

Custody transfer system

Ballast and service tank gauging

Tank overflow / overfill protection system