single-component adhesive / multi-use
Typ 1805 GisaTex GmbH & Co. KG



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Type 1805 is a solvent-free, solid-rich adhesive which is economical to use and requires only one-side application. It is easy to brush on and bonds quickly. It is lastingly elastic, non-ageing, and adheres outstandingly to almost all substrates.

Areas of use:

Suitable for the gluing of light mineral felts, artificial leather, webbing, fleece, and foam onto galvanized, painted, or otherwise corrosion-protected sheet metal, glass fibre (raw or treated), wood, and other oil-painted surfaces. Also on polystyrene, lining paper, expanded polystyrene panels, any flat, absorbent substrate, on cork wallcoverings with or without backing layer, corkment, PVC coverings and mineral fibre board.

Technical details:

Adhesive type 1805 is highly heat-resistant, (130ºC by the Armstrong method), beyond this figure the adhesive becomes ductile. All details of resistance refer to the adhesive in use. Colour & consistency: pale, beige, viscous; applicable by brush, spatula, roller. Consumption: depending on substrate and material to be stuck 200-400 g/m2 Risk class: none. Type 1805 is neither flammable nor toxic. Cleaning material: water or synthetic resin thinners. Storage: up to 6 months at 0°C to max. 20°C. Protection from freezing essential. For longer storage add 10% water and cover the adhesive surface. Important: some separation of components may occur due to their density . Adequate stirring is essential to achieve consistent quality and faultless durability.