single-component adhesive / multi-use
Type 135



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Type 135 is a solid-rich adhesive which is economical to use. It is easy to brush on and bonds quickly. It adheres outstandingly to almost all substrates. It is heat, cold and weather resistant.

Areas of use:

Suitable for the gluing of knobbly polyester foam panels RG 35 Multi Nopp and foam materials onto galvanized, painted, or otherwise corrosion-protected sheet metal, glass fibre (raw or treated), wood, and other oil-painted surfaces. Also on cellular rubber, polychloropene, polyurethane hard and soft form panels. For spot, slit and area gluing of flexible insulation foam panels and tube shapes. Also as a bonding agent for polyurethane expanding filler foam.

Technical details:

Adhesive type 135 is highly heat-resistant, (105ºC by Armstrong method), beyond 130ºC the adhesive loses its bonding. All details of resistance refer to the adhesive in use. Colour & consistency: brownish, beige, low viscosity; can be brushed or sprayed. Risk class: A1, flammable: please note safety advice and notes on label. Cleaning material: standard universal resin thinners. Storage: up to 6 months at 0°C to max. 20°C. Protection from freezing essential. For longer storage add 10% water and cover the adhesive surface.