ship liferaft / MED / davit-launched / self-righting
20-25 Eurovinil



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Norms:


  • Launching:


  • Other characteristics:

    self-righting, inflatable


in the throw overboard version and in the capacity of 20 and 25 persons also of the davit-launched type. The rafts for 20 and 25 persons are also available in the self-righting version, which means that no matter how the liferaft inflates, it will always right itself, ready for boarding. The self-righting rafts are available both as throw overboard and davit-launched.

The whole range, in the different versions, is approved in compliance with the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC – Chapter III of the S.O.L.A.S. Convention 1974 and following amendments.