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ship capstan / electric ship capstan / electric


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    for ships

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GUANHENG Anchor capstan are electric driven capstan and supplied in the range of 24mm chain to 76mm chain in quality U2 and U3, with corresponding pulls from 25kn to 320 kn.
The height of the anchor capstans is variable in range. The anchor capstans are mounted into welding frame, which can be made in various potions and dimensions.
.Saving a lot of weight and space
..The electric motor is frequency controlled or pole changeable for different speeds
. Certification by all major classification societies possible
. Brake holding force 80% possible, so there is no need to install a chainstopper
. Effective warping need
. Foundation adapted to frame distance of ship’s construction
. Highly efficient, reliable. Compact and low weight design.
. Various potions on dimensions possible.
. Low noise level, environmental friendly.
. The gear case is provided with oil


. Speed control system for paying in the chain to prevent damage to the hull and anchor pocket
. Automatic speed control system for paying “out" the chain and anchor(automatic anchor drop system)
.Automatic mooring operation by means of self-tensioning
. Low speed option for clutch operation
. Hydraulic or pneumatic operated clutch
. Hydraulic or pneumatic operated brakes
. Alarm signal to the boards alarm system
. Higher levels of water tightness above IP56
. Finished with full paint system
. Radiographic controls
. Remote controls
. Footswitch operation

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