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ship crane / deck ship crane / deck - EH Crane


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    for ships

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GUANHENG hydraulic DECK cranes can be of various types of marine vessels selected for lifting goods, spare parts, food use; the overall structure of the machine is divided into the base unit, rotary devices and boom three parts. The motor direct drive pump for pressure oil passes through the hydraulic system to the executing agency to complete the cargo lift. Used for lifting, rotation and amplitude movements, all carried automatic protection device, the device and active force control system has nothing to do, if for some reason have lost power or loss of pressure, all the action will automatically stop, to ensure the safety of crane systems and personnel.

Basic features:
• Self contained unit with integrated power pack
• Simple mounting the pedestal to deck by welding or bolts and connecting the power cable
• No electric slipring
• Fail-safe brakes on all movements
• Welded box boom (jib) for low maintenance
• Maintenance-free jib- and cylinder bearings.