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France Hélices FH 4 125
yacht propeller (4 blades) FH 4 125 France Hélices

This four blade propeller is used by most of the major shipyards...

France Hélices FH 4 SSB
yacht propeller (4 blades) FH 4 SSB France Hélices

This is the Fisherman’s propeller. Excellent for monohull where...

Bruntons Propellers CUSTOM
custom-made yacht propeller CUSTOM Bruntons Propellers

Bruntons Custom Division was set up to satisfy the growing demand for solutions to increasingly difficult propulsion problems. This specialist division has succeeded in providing clients around the world...

Schaffran Propeller + Service
propeller for yachts and ships (custom-made) Schaffran Propeller + Service

SCHAFFRAN is designing and building ship shaft installations with fixed- and controllable pitch propellers for many decades. As our other products they are operated successfully all over the world on...

Clements marine HYPERQ
yacht propeller (5 blades) HYPERQ Clements marine

Our ultra smooth and quiet propeller...

Clements marine HYPERFORM
yacht propeller (4 blades) HYPERFORM Clements marine

This unique blade profile allows for optimum...

Austral Propeller COMPUQUIN
yacht propeller (5 blades) COMPUQUIN Austral Propeller

With today’s trend towards large high speed craft using lighter construction materials and fitted with higher horsepower engines, new frontiers of propeller design have been demanded by astute users of...

Piening Propeller
propeller for yachts and ships (custom-made) Piening Propeller

Today PIENING propellers and stern gears propel a variety of boats ranging from yachts, sport- and highspeed boats, inland vessels,...

BT Marine Propellers
propeller for yachts and ships (custom-made) BT Marine Propellers

BT Marine design and manufacture customised propellers for commercial and leisure vessels including patrol boats, luxury yachts, high speed...

7 products SPW
yacht propeller (4 blades) EUROPOISE 73 SPW

Anti-vibration design: this delivers ultimate...

yacht propeller (3 blades) ULTRAFINE 65 SPW

All types of motor boats with speeds up to 16 knots...

yacht propeller (4 blades) ULTRAFINE 73 SPW

Anti-vibration design combined with thinned...

yacht propeller (4 blades) ULTRASKEW .65 SPW

Ultraskew .65: Luxury motor yachts and all...

yacht propeller (5 blades) ULTRASKEW .90 SPW

5-blade model with high-skew design....

yacht propeller (4 blades) ULTRASKEW 1.05 SPW

All types of motor yacht High-skew...

custom-made yacht propeller VEEMSTAR-LC VEEM Propellers

The VEEMStar-LC is designed exclusively for high horsepower superyachts and other medium speed vessels that require the ultimate in smoothness and efficiency. The VEEMStar-LC has been designed in conjunction...

yacht propeller (5 blades) VEEMSTAR VEEM Propellers

The VEEMStar propeller design has been developed as a high performance propeller for use on medium speed applications. As an all round propeller, it is ideal for use on pleasure and commercial applications...

yacht propeller (5 blades) VEEMULTRASKEW VEEM Propellers

The VEEMUltraskew is the latest in a series of highly successful propeller designs, manufactured using the latest robotic and CNC processes and finished to the highest possible standards of quality and...

Van Voorden Gieterij
custom-made yacht propeller Van Voorden Gieterij

Van Voorden is a well established foundry, producing propellers for most mega yacht builders all over the...

Michigan Wheel Corporation DQ486
yacht propeller (4 blades) DQ486 Michigan Wheel Corporation

The 4 blade DQ486 comes into consideration when there is requirement for more blade...

Kahlenberg Industries, Inc.
propeller for yachts and ships (custom-made) Kahlenberg Industries, Inc.

Kahlenberg began manufacturing marine propellers at the turn of the century. At that time, our propellers were supplied as an accessory item with engines of the same name. Naturally, the experience gained...

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