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catamaran sailboat / ocean cruising - OUTREMER 45

Little sister to the Outremer 51 and 5X, the Outremer 45 shares the key values of seaworthiness, performance, maneuverability, and simplicity. It has been designed for long distance sailing by couples or families.
A world class design team includes Barreau-Neuman for the naval architecture, Franck Darnet Design for the interior design, and the deft hand of Patrick le Quement...

catamaran sailboat / ocean cruising - OUTREMER 5X

As a result of extensive collaboration with top experts in the field of naval architecture, Outremer Yachting has created the ultimate long-range cruising catamaran and their newest flagship yacht….the 5X. Confirming her rightful place at the top, the Outremer 5X has won European Yacht of the Year for 2013 and Cruising World’s Best Multihull over 50Ft for 2014.
The 5X is unlike...

catamaran sailboat / ocean cruising - OUTREMER 51

Launched in June 2013, the sleek “51” replaces its popular predecessor, the “49”. The Outremer 51 benefits from a number of features inspired by the Outremer 5X and feedback from the owners of the Outremer 49, who have been navigating the oceans of the globe.
Everything on the new Outremer 51 has been designed for optimized space and comfort of life aboard...

cruising sailboat / 3 cabins / twin steering wheels - 455

HanseYachts is presenting another top model: the new Hanse 455. Powerful and athletic. Striking and distinctive like a typical Hanse model, the new Hanse 455 breaks all boundaries. The strong rig brings the performance on the water. The boat is also characterised by extraordinary equipment and quality materials which guarantee a grand appearance...

cruising sailboat / 2 or 3 cabins / twin steering wheels - OCEANIS 35

Individuality and diversity combined in a 35 footer.

In 2014, the Oceanis 38 won prizes as prestigious as the title of European Yacht...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / flybridge / semi-custom - 60 LOFT

Sunreef Yachts Introduces a New Concept of a Pret-a-porter Luxury Yacht - Sunreef 60 LOFT

Sunreef Yachts is delighted to unveil a new concept being a result of the company’s long experience in luxury yacht building – the Sunreef 60 LOFT. The shipyard, always reactive on the Clients feedback, has decided to meet their requirements and create a luxury ‘pret-a-porter’...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / flybridge - 74

The NEW Sunreef 74 marks a new era in lifestyle at sea, meeting the expectations of the most demanding clientèle searching for a spacious, long range boat, easily handled by only 2 people.

This advanced model has grown from the experience of Sunreef's design team...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / flybridge / custom - 92

The NEW Sunreef 92 Double Deck features almost 430 square meters of living space, twice as much as the Sunreef 82 Double Deck introduced in 2012. The enlarged deckhouse gives the owners greater comfort and the possibility to invite even more guests on a luxury cruise. The yacht will comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests giving each of them the maximum of privacy thanks to the crew quarters...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / flybridge / 4 or 5 cabins - 58

The Sunreef 58 is a response to the many enquiries we get from customers who appreciate Sunreefs construction quality, customized luxury finishings and sailing performance but who want to sail in smaller and lighter boats without crew. The price range will consequently be lower than that of the regular Sunreef 60-feet-plus range and will start at 850...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / flybridge / semi-custom - 82 DOUBLE DECK

Following the successful launch of two mega catamarans over 100 feet each in 2010, the Sunreef shipyard has been designated as a builder of an 82ft double decker sailing catamaran with the latest design, featuring sleek hulls and a streamlined deckhouse topped with a giant 35m2 flybridge inspired by large superyachts. The European client, impressed by the elegance and unrivalled spaciousness of the...

cruising sailboat / composite / 2 or 3 cabins / twin steering wheels - 350 GL


A concentration of innovations, a genius of ergonomics and comfort, this yacht...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - 42

A true distillation of the spirit of Catana, the Catana 42 provides its owners with an incredible range of technical innovations, exclusive to Catana, in this exceptional 12.6 metre-long sailing boat. It enjoys the benefit of every technical innovation perfected by the Catana shipyard since its...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - 47

With its outstanding performance and excellent standards of safety and comfort, the Catana 47, now more than ever, is the ideal boat for your first round-the-world trip, whether you are sailing single-handed or...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - 53

Country France
Architect Chantier Catana
Navigation category A
Manufactoring process Carbon Twaron infused foam sandwich
Overall length 16,18 m / 53,08 ft
Overall length...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 3 or 4 cabins - 421

The Lagoon 421 is designed to meet the needs of sailors whose first concern is comfort and space, without sacrificing the pleasures of pure sailing.

Lagoon 421: living free... and well

exceptional facilities and comfort
a practical and safe deck layout
easy-to-control sail plan (square-headed mainsail...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - 380

Undisputed world champion in its category (more than 700 boats delivered in 2013), the Lagoon 380 is still going strong. It's fast, easy to manoeuvre and safe, and has a legion of fans spread...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 3 or 4 cabins - 39

The new Lagoon 39 fits between the essential Lagoon 380 and the 400 S2.

The Lagoon 39 filiation with the new Lagoon generation is apparent on first sight: vertical, bevelled bows, aft centered mast for sailing performance and ease of handling ... a strong character indeed!

Lagoon expertise
infusion-moulding for increased weight saving (important for a catamaran), an optimal...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 3 or 4 cabins - 400 S2

After seeing over 260 boats built in three years, the Lagoon 400 (launched in 2009) has found a new lease of life through Nauta Design's work on the boat's interior fittings. Suggestions received from owners have enabled Lagoon to produce a boat that is even more welcoming, with a greater level of comfort, and resolutely modern: the result is the Lagoon 400 S2, a nod to its famous predecessors, the...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - 52

The Lagoon 52, the latest model developed by the world's leading builder of cruising catamarans, marks a whole new era in the design of such boats, as indeed did its predecessor, the famed Lagoon 500.

With its diamond-shaped vertical bows, bevelled hulls, its as if levitated deckhouse and tall rig, the Lagoon 52 is no ordinary catamaran, but its originality goes a great deal further than...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 2 or 3 cabins - MAHE 36 EVOLUTION

MAHE 36 Evolution, a very affordable catamaran

11 metres long and incorporating all of the technological advances made over recent years, the Mahé 36 is a reasonably priced offshore catamaran.

She benefits of the highest level of innovation of our range and of new improvments including :
- A totally...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - LIPARI 41 EVOLUTION

High-performance catamaran

Designed for performance, the most stringent maritime requirements and safety, the Lipari 41 hull with its balanced volumes is perfectly at ease at every speed and in all seas.


catamaran sailboat / cruising / 4 cabins - SABA 50


Welcome on board the new Fountaine Pajot Catamarans model, the Saba 50 !

Light, spacious, with high-level performance and in the image of her sisters ship, the SABA 50 offers you all the pleasures of the sea, both under sail and at anchor where relaxation goes hand in hand with comfort and pleasure.

The space on-board has been optimised...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / carbon mast - 52S

Flash Catamarans launches new high performance catamaran, the Flash Cat 52 Sailing. This boat is designed by renowned French naval architect Erick Lerouge, ensuring maximum comfort and the best performance with minimum weight....

catamaran sailboat / cruising - 40

Leopard Catamarans excitedly announces the new Leopard 40. This innovative and performance driven Leopard 40 is sure to excite anyone interested in a new catamaran in the 40 ft range.
The Leopard 40, like other Leopard models before her, is a product of South African boat builders Robertson and Caine and includes a unique, modern design thanks to experienced...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 3 or 4 cabins - 39

Building on the success of the multiple award winning Leopard 38 (2010 Boat of the Year, 2010 Best Boat, and 2010 Best Production Multihull), Leopard Catamarans is proud to introduce the new Leopard 39.

With the hulls and deck coming out of the same molds as the Leopard 38, the major modifications on the Leopard...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 3 or 4 cabins - 48

Leopard enthusiastically introduces the all new, agile, Leopard 48. This new catamaran, focused on blue water performance, speed, and luxurious comfortable living spaces, is a welcome addition to the award winning Leopard line. Like her predecessors, this yacht was expertly crafted and designed by the foremost yacht...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 4 cabins - SERIE 5

The Privilège 515, the last model of the brand, is a concentration of elegance, refinement and power on the water !

Always in partnership with the technical expertise of the naval architect Marc Lombard and the aesthetics perception of the famous...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 4 cabins - SERIE 4.5

Length overall 13,45 m 44' 12
Length waterline 12,85m 42'15
Beam 7,07 m 23'20
Draft ...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 4 cabins - SERIE 4.9

Length overall 14,95 m 49'05
Length waterline 14,04 m 46'06
Beam 7,33 m 24'05
Draft ...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 4 cabins - 515

Length overall 14,74 m 48'3
Length waterline 14,63 m 47'9
Beam 7,98 m 26'01
Draft ...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - Lady Hawke 33

The Ladyhawke 33 is the ideal catamaran for those who want to experience the sea in safety and style without sacrificing comfort. With its captivating design, beautifully detailed interiors and only the highest quality...

catamaran sailboat / coastal cruising - Lady Hawke 20 Sail

The LadyHawke20 is a brand new concept in the multihull world, a cross-style sailing catamaran that is small, manageble, and fast like a dingy but at the same time spacious and secure like an offshore boat.
Designed for coastal sailing, Ladyhawke...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 3 or 4 cabins - NAUTITECH OPEN 40

The Nautitech Open 40 is the latest design from Marc Lombard's drawing board.

The design aims to redefine the use of space in a cruising...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 4 cabins - NAUTITECH 482

The aft transoms are long and opened to the sea for an easy access and the helm seats are fold down.
The cokpit is comfortable and convivial with the extra seats.

catamaran sailboat / cruising - NAUTITECH  542

The Nautitech 542 is the result of the know-how of the building site. Very elegant and powerful ship at the same time, it won unanimous support during...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - S2C 45

The S2C 45 is based on the basic principles that have made the success and the reputation of Swiss Catamaran Concept: a flawless construction, marine qualities associated with optimal performances and comfort.

Ideally suited for people who navigate shorthanded – couples or families – the S2C 45...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - SXC 59

Larger than the traditional S2C’s and built with conventional methods, this 59’ charter-cruising catamaran can accommodate...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - S2C 75

Thanks to the success of the S2C 55, Swiss Catamaran Concept currently works, in collaboration with Seb Schmidt yacht design, on a 75’ project based on the same «high end» philosophy.

The S2C 75 is an innovative...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 3 cabins - FREYDIS 46'

Main specifications

- Length overall 13.99 m
- Length at...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - FREYDIS 49'

Main specifications

- Lenght overall 14.93 m
- Length at water line 14.93...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 5 cabins - SOUBISE 56'

Main specifications

- Length 17,00 m
- Length at waterline 16,75 m
- Width...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / motorsailer - SOUBISE 56'

Main specifications

- Length 17 m
- Length at waterline 17 m

catamaran sailboat / cruising / motorsailer - SOUBISE 70'

Main specifications

- Length 21,50 m
- Length at water line 21,00...

cruising sailboat / deck saloon - ALBATROSS 37

It has been developed with the main structure laminated to the helmet and structural countermoulds, with two levels of rating and deck in Panoramic...

cruising sailboat / deck saloon - ALBATROSS 42

There are ideas that reunite the best thing of several worlds. Ambitious ideas that they pass time in minds, planes and computers,...

catamaran sailboat / cruising - Broadblue 345 S2

The new series of this renowned catamaran provides a terrific combination of superb space, elegant style and superb build quality.

Ease of handling, absolute reliability, and incorporating the feedback from owners after thousands of sea miles,...

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