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Surveillance systems
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diver surveillance system - DDS 9000

The DDS 9000 systems provide improved performance over earlier diver detection systems through the use of wideband signal processing, improved signal-to-noise...

yacht surveillance system / for ship / navigation light - TEF 4900 - COMMANDER

Versatile control system for marine applications.

The design concept allows customization of a number of buttons,
text and graphics, and is therefore useful for a wide range of


Complete control and monitoring of several types of critical lights on vessels:

Navigation lights

yacht surveillance system / for ship / navigation light - TEF 4900 - COMMANDER

Used in single-outboard applications, the selectable “combo” screen displays critical systems information,...

boat surveillance system / district - C-pod

The system lets you survey a number of functions onboard your boat in an other continent, from your computer at home, your smart phone or from a reading pad. The system permits up to 10 different alarm receivers to...

merchant ship surveillance system - BLUETRACKER

Bluetracker is an integrated system for remote monitoring of vessels. A ship board data collector with an open collector...

ship surveillance system / CCTV - PPVR

The last decade saw a drastic change in the tolerance of various authorities to intentional pollution by ships. If in the 60th and 70th pumping of bilge waters directly over the side was considered...

yacht surveillance system / for ship / navigation light - AHD-POS 10

Navigation Light Monitoring System for 10 Lamp Circuits

AHD-POS 10 is a microprocessor-controlled device for condition monitoring of up to 10 navigation lights of a ship.

merchant ship surveillance system - SMARTONE

Designed for the intelligent management of powered and non-powered fixed and movable assets, SmartOne is a practical solution for engine runtime reporting and major fault monitoring for portable construction equipment as well as tracking...

ship surveillance system / CCTV - HERNIS 500

The HERNIS 500 digital CCTV system eliminates the need for a traditional analogue video matrix utilising the common infrastructure provided by an Ethernet backbone. The HERNIS 500 NVR encodes the video signal, which can be streamed to hard disc and/or directly to...

ship surveillance system / CCTV - HERNIS 400

The HERNIS 400 CCTV system is an analogue system consisting of an analogue video matrix and a PC based system server. The internal communication of the HERNIS 400 system operates on a Controlled Area Network (CAN) making it easy to add new communication nodes for camera stations and control panels. The modular design...

ship surveillance system / CCTV - HERNIS 400 COMPACT

The HERNIS 400 Compact is a downscaled version of the HERNIS 400 analogue system, developed to serve as the centre of a medium sized CCTV system. The compact system has no PC and slightly...

ship surveillance system / CCTV - HERNIS 8x8

The HERNIS 8x8 CCTV System is the smallest analogue CCTV system in the HERNIS...

ship surveillance system / CCTV - HERNIS CRANE TV

HERNIS offers a well proven range of CraneTV systems meeting the requirements of Crane operators worldwide. HERNIS Crane TV can be supplied with up to 3...

ship surveillance system / CCTV - HERNIS CRANE TV

Auto-Trawl system
Towing computer system

yacht surveillance system - TKS 200

Satellite anti-theft system for boats

The TKS200 is an anti-theft system with GPS technology for boats..


merchant ship surveillance system / AIS - SA161-MH

a dual AIS receiver for avionics.


ship surveillance system / knock and misfiring ship / engine - KDS

KDS is a distributted engine monitoring system, that is used to protect your engine against a number of operational malfunctions.

KDS was orginally developed to monitor...

ship surveillance system / knock and misfiring ship / engine - KDS

A Complete and universal on board engine monitoring solution

Albatross Control System...

ship surveillance system / knock and misfiring ship / engine - KDS

A Complete and universal on board resource levels monitoring solution


tender surveillance system / wireless - SEETRAC

Plug and Play Tracking Kits :
SOLO/DUO/TRIO and QUATTRO systems offer
feature-rich performance, in a modern, robust package


tender surveillance system / wireless - SEETRAC

The new C-Tecnics rack unit is a complete dive station suitable for any dive!

3 Divers Comms Unit
22" Split Screen Monitor
1TB Disk Drive & DVD Recorder
Dual Camera & Lamp Supplies
Video Editing Software
UPS Backup Power Supply for Safe Shutdown
USB Interfaces
Blank Panels...

diver surveillance system - PRODIVING

Integrated Diving Management System PRODIVING. It records all diving variables such as; dive time, depth and water temperature, ascend speed rate for 2 divers...

diver surveillance system - CP0023H2

All Pommec controlpanels are assembled with high quality material and is specially designed to be easy to use. To protect the technical part this panel is mounted in a very strong synthethic Pelican case with internal wheels on one side for easy...

diver surveillance system - CP3100

3 diver panel in stainless steel housing with extra O2 supply

- All conform the IMCA regulations
- 3 pneumometers (depthgauges) Ø 160mm, 100 mtr, scale 0,5 msw
- 3 HP gas supply, max 200 Bar
- 3 LP gas supply,...

diver surveillance system - CP0002

Pommec 2 diver panel type "North Sea"

- Mounted in strong Pelicase (80 x 52,5 x 30)
- 2x pneumo meter(depthgauges) dia 160 mm, 100 or 60 mtr.,scale 0,5 msw, class 0,25
- 1 x LP air inlet
- 2 x HP air inlet

diver surveillance system - SH8041M

- Complete with Lloyd's certificate
- Mounted in strong Explorer case
- 2x pneumometers (depthgauges) Ø 160mm, 60 mtr, scale 0,5 msw, class 0,25
- 1x...

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