Sterndrive engines

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In-board engine / diesel / common-rail / turbocharged

Compact and Durable The 2.8L at 220hp provides added power for mid-range vessels...

In-board engine / diesel / common-rail / turbocharged

Compact and Powerful Incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as a high-pressure...

In-board engine / diesel / variable geometry turbocharger / common-rail

Smooth and Powerful This Mercury Diesel engine sets a new...

Commercial engine / in-board / diesel / common-rail

SPECIFICATIONS Thermodynamic...

In-board engine / gasoline / direct fuel injection / sterndrive

The outstanding power-to-weight-ratio delivers increased acceleration...

In-board engine / diesel / common-rail / turbocharged

Yanmar has developed a new 4.46 litre twin-turbo V8 diesel engine,...

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A stern-drive engine consists of an inboard engine connected to a stern-drive mounted through the vessel's transom. This configuration is sometimes called inboard/outboard, or I/O.


Boats equipped with stern-drive engines are often geared for speed. The inboard motor/stern-drive combination permits installation within the hull of an engine more powerful than a transom-mounted outboard motor.


The stern-drive mount is attached to the inboard engine through the transom. The stern-drive serves as propeller and rudder. It is also possible to raise the stern-drive in shallow waters or to carry the boat on a trailer.

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This configuration combines the advantages of both inboard and outboard propulsion. The boat can be pulled out of the water on a trailer, avoiding the need for a berth in port. Inboard diesel engines reduce fuel costs and offer more power, eliminating the need for multiple outboards.


- Better weight distribution
- More power


- More expensive
- More complex installation

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