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side scan sonar - CP200 CHIRP SideVision Sonar

The CP200 CHIRP SideVision™ Sonar expands your underwater horizon with crystal-clear, bank-to-bank displays of fish, bait and underwater structure.

Engineered with the same CHIRP sonar technology as Raymarines award winning DownVision™ the...

boat echo sounder / digital - i40 Depth/Speed/Wind/BiData

Crystal clear depth readout

boat echo sounder / digital - HDR 650

The HDR 650 In-Dash Digital Depth Sounder gives you instant, reliable digital depth...

boat sonar - SM3000

Sonar module-Speed &...

boat sonar - SM3000

The universal echo sounder offers easy operation as well as advanced functionality. It stores depth data of the last 24...

ship echo sounder - FE-700

Providing depth information to radar, VDR, ECDIS and...

ship echo sounder - FE-700

Better bottom maps

We have developed echosounder models to suite AUV's - Autonomous...

bathymetry echo sounder - GEOSWATH PLUS

GeoAcoustics GeoSwath Plus offers very efficient simultaneous...

ship echo sounder - SWEEP

The hydrographic echo sounder sweep system is specifically designed for use in canals, rivers and other shallow bodies of...

hydrographic survey echo sounder / multibeam - EM 122

The EM 122 is designed to perform seabed mapping to full ocean depth with an unsurpassed resolution, coverage and accuracy. The system...

hydrographic survey echo sounder / multibeam - EM 2040

The EM 2040 multibeam echo sounder is the first system to bring all the advanced features of deep water multibeams to the near bottom sounding environment. The basic...

boat echo sounder / graphic - FCV-627

Equipped with Furuno's latest technology, the...

boat sonar / sport fishing - FSV-35

Advanced Solutions Built on World-Proven Sonar Technology

The FSV series of Furuno...

boat sonar / sport fishing - FSV-85

Advanced Solutions Built on World-Proven Sonar Technology

The FSV series of Furuno...

boat sonar / sport fishing - CSH-8L

Full-circle scanning sonar detects and instantaneously displays fish schools and underwater conditions
Vivid 16-color display assists in recognition...

boat sonar / sport fishing - CSH-5L

High power transmitter for long range fish detection...

boat echo sounder / analog - FT/FATHOMS

Accurate and durable displays with traditional analogue styling for clear indication...

hand echo sounder - EY60

The portable Simrad EY60 is designed for rugged conditions, and it is specifically suited for use in lakes and rivers. The Simrad EY60 provides biologists, scientists...

hydrographic survey echo sounder - EK15

The Simrad EK15 is designed for a variety of applications, and for both mobile surveys and fixed locations.

* High resolution,...

hand echo sounder - ECHOTEST II

Small handheld depth sounder, of extremely simple opération, particularly intented for pneumatic...

boat echo sounder / graphic - GCV™ 10

For use with compatible echoMAP™ and GPSMAP® series combos
Provides both DownVü™ and SideVü™ with CHIRP scanning sonar technology for a high-frequency, ultra-clear sonar picture of objects, structure and...

boat sonar / sport fishing - GSD™ 26

The GSD 26 digital sonar ushers in the next evolution of sportfishing technology, providing unrivaled target separation at far greater depths than traditional sonar.

Discover Spread Spectrum Clarity

For serious...

boat echo sounder / graphic - GSD™ 24

The GSD 24 features a vastly improved digital sonar design for superior target definition and deep-water performance.
Get the Whole Picture

With up to 2,000 Watts of...

boat echo sounder / graphic - GSD™ 22

The powerful GSD 22 digital sounder adds detailed sonar data to your compatible Garmin chartplotter over the Garmin Marine Network.

ship echo sounder - JFE-680

-High-resolution and clearly display (10.4"TFT LCD)

ship echo sounder - JFE-380

-Compact sized display unit (6.5" TFT LCD)
-No paper (Optional...

ship sonar / multibeam / 3D - JFP-180BB

The JFP-180BB new and compactly designed searchlight sonar integrates multiple display modes, which will allow you to control your presentation at your own convenience.

boat sonar - ESR-160

Flat screen, High speed scan and Target lock!
- The fastest echo-refreshing rate in its class
- Bottom scanning...

boat sonar - ESR-180BB

Flat screen, High speed scan and Target lock!


・ The fastest echo-refreshing rate in its class
・ Bottom scanning up to sector...

boat sonar - ESR-S1BB

Paradigm shift in the domain of pleasure boat fishing


・ Transducer can be equipped transom or side of vessel.
Transducer can be manually put up and down.
This sonar can be equipped even with midget pleasure boat with no...

ship echo sounder - CVR-010

Meets IMO Standard MSC.74 (69) Annex 4 and EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED)

ship echo sounder - JFE-380


The JFE-380 echo sounder continues the tradition of enhanced depth data technology resulting in highly accurate and reliable read-out functionality.

Enhanced depth data

JRC’s enhanced...

ship echo sounder - JFE-680


The powerfully built, all-in-one JFE-680 echo sounder integrates advanced depth data technology, displaying sub aqua...

ship echo sounder - JFC-130


The JFC-130 color echo sounder integrates a set of new user features, allowing for more flexibility and highly...

ship sonar / multibeam / 3D - JFP-180BB


The JFP-180BB new and compactly designed searchlight sonar integrates multiple display modes, which will allow you to control your presentation at your own convenience.


hydrographic survey sonar / multibeam - M900 SERIES

The industry's most compact, full featured 2D Multibeam Imaging...

hydrographic survey sonar / multibeam - 450 KHZ | P450 SERIES

BlueView answers the call for a longer range imaging sonar with a wide field-of-view - the all new P450 Series now with S2 electronics is available in five new models including two...

hydrographic survey sonar / multibeam - 900 KHZ | P900 SERIES

The P900 Series sonar family now offers 3 field-of-view options for high-performance forward looking imaging sonar:...

AUV sonar / for ROV / multibeam - 900 KHZ / 2.25 MHZ | P900-2250-45

The P900-2250-45 (Dual Frequency) sonar system combines the power of BlueView’s medium range P900 navigation and inspection...

AUV sonar / for ROV / multibeam - 900 KHZ / 2.25 MHZ | P900-2250-45

BlueView is recognized as the leading manufacturer of integrated AUV sonar systems for real-time control and surveying applications. Our unique technology allows...

hydrographic survey echo sounder / single beam - HYDROTRAC II

Single Frequency Portable Hydrographic Echo Sounder

Specifically designed for work in less-than-ideal...

hydrographic survey echo sounder / single beam - ECHOTRAC CV100

Single Frequency Echo Sounder:

Sharing technologies with both the popular Echotrac echo...

hydrographic survey echo sounder / single beam - ECHOTRAC CVM

Mobile Hydrographic System

The rugged and weatherproof Echotrac CVM outperforms all other echo sounders...

hydrographic survey echo sounder / single beam - ECHOTRAC CV200 & CV300

Hydrographic Echo Sounder

Odom delivers the perfect union of flexibility and technology viewed through a user-friendly...

hydrographic survey echo sounder / single beam - ECHOTRAC MKIII

Dual Frequency Echo Sounder

The Echotrac MKIII is the only sounder on the market offering you the choice of either a high resolution thermal paper recorder or a full-sized...


The forward looking sonar system provides navigation data in a 3 dimensional Display presentation with an intuitive user Interface and significant fields of view...

ship echo sounder - E1

The E1 Echo Sounder is a IMO resolution-compliant single-frequency navigation sounder housed in electrostatically-shielded compact ABS plastic cabinet. It is certified to comply with EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and other relevant international standards...

ship echo sounder - E2


The E2 Echo Sounder is a compact high-end, two unit model, compliant with IMO resolution MSC.74(69) and Wheel mark approval. It have selectable...

hydrographic survey sonar / multibeam / 3D - ECHOSCOPE

By generating over 16,000 beams per acoustic transmission and with a frame rate of over 10 pings per second, Echoscope® sonars provide unique underwater 3D acoustic movie imagery. Viewing the subsea scene in real time using patented 3D rendering techniques allows for immediate decision making during underwater positioning projects,...

AUV sonar / for ROV - DIMENSION®

Dimension® is a revolutionary new sonar for ROV and AUV operations. Based on patented Echoscope® technology and industry-leading software, Dimension® provides unparalleled real-time visualisation for subsea vehicle applications. Designed for a wide range of ROVs, Dimension® is a unique, true real-time 3D sonar that transforms ROV underwater operations....

hydrographic survey sonar / multibeam / 3D - UIS™

The UIS™ (Underwater Inspection System) is the world's first fully integrated 3D sonar system for specialised underwater applications such as maritime security, port and harbour maintenance, search and recovery and intruder...

hydrographic survey echo sounder / multibeam - SONIC 2024


Bathymetry with optional TruePix™ Backscatter, Raw Water Column and Forward Looking Sonar imagery.

Wideband Operation

Over 20x...

hydrographic survey echo sounder / multibeam - SONIC 2022


60% the size of full length Sonic 2024 receive array.
Ideal for integration to small AUV, ROV or small boat operations.


Bathymetry with...

hydrographic survey echo sounder / multibeam - SONIC 2020


Budget entry level Multibeam Echosounder.


155 x 140 x 150mm, weighs only 4 kg (in air) {preliminary specifications}




How to choose this product


The term sonar is an acronym for "sound navigation and ranging." The sonar transducer emits underwater sound pulses and uses the reflected signal to calculate the distance to objects or animals.


Sonar has many uses in the maritime world. It can be a navigational tool for detecting depth or obstacles off the bow. It also can be used for underwater communications or to ascertain the position of animals and objects beneath the surface. Some versions are specialized fish finders.


Sonar comprises a transducer attached to the hull linked to a screen on the bridge. It measures the time between emission of sound pulses and reception of their reflection from an object, allowing it to calculate the distance to that object. It operates in the 20-200 MHz range. Depending on specific function, the transducer can be mounted along the keel or at the bow.

How to choose

Choice of sonar will depend on intended use. For detecting depth at the bow, the sonar's mounting system, vertical and horizontal range and availability of a programmable alarm must be considered. Other considerations will come into play when choosing a fishing sonar.

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