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The world’s most popular adult racing class.

Every Laser in the world is identical. Strict one-design class rules ensures this remains true. The best sailor on the water wins the race, not the boat. The Laser is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering...

Built for family fun.

With its simple reefing system, spacious cockpit, and high boom the Pico continues to be a...

Popular racing class for small adults, women and youth alike.

The Laser Radial was introduced as the new singlehanded Olympic Class boat for women in 2006. It is based upon the same hull and equipment as the regular Laser but the combination of a 19% smaller sail and a shorter,...

The next step after the Bug, Optimist or Pico.

The Laser 4.7 features the same hull as the Laser and Laser Radial; a smaller sail plan make it more manageable for lighter and younger sailors. The 4.7 is the next step into competitive sailing after the Bug or...

A Sailing Icon

The Sunfish is one of sailing’s best known brands. Unmatched in simplicity, its user-friendly design continues to combine performance, economy and fun. Its lightweight hull, kick-up rudder system,...


The RS Vareo is the perfect adult single-hander for a wide range of abilities
Great handling, fun and exciting downwind
Ideal for sailors wanting to progress and race

The RS Vareo is a spinnaker powered single-hander...

A stunning single hander with exhilarating performance and features that makes the performance widely attainable. The RS100 has been an incredible success since launch and is continuing to grow worldwide.

The RS100 had taken the sailing world by storm before...

The original fast, responsive and challenging single-hander
One of the fastest singlehanders with a cult following
Sailboat of the Year 1998

Fast, responsive and challenging. The RS300 is a definitive boat. It has masses of innovative design features to improve handling...

Stunning looks promise a performance to dream about
Light, fast and challenging
The rig control and reefing system make the excitement available to a wide range of sailors.

The RS600 is a high performance...

The RS700 – Quick, exciting and user friendly – the perfect combination
Performance equalisation for sailors of all sizes
Typically exciting and amazing RS events

The RS700 is a super quick trapezed genneker weapon – Yet is also the most user friendly single handed skiff...


Practicality is the main characteristic of the X14, easy to manage on land (only 60kg!), transportable on the roof top of any car. The mast (Spar) is collapsible for easy...


The Starling Class yacht is a one-man centreboard yacht that has been used to train most of New Zealand’s teenage yachtsmen over a period of three decades.

Top America’s Cup sailor Russell...


VIS is a fast newly designed single-handed dinghy with gennaker.
VIS has been presented to ISAF in March 2000 at the ISAF Evaluation Event for a future Olympic single-hander. The boat has been designed considering the fundamental...


The Phantom has evoloved since its inception in 1971 to a refined single hander with...

The Solution is a hiking singlehander designed designed to provide exciting but manageable sailing for all sailors in...


UNO RACE - More power
The Topaz UNO RACE has been designed for the more adventurous singlehanded sailor who demands that extra bit of performance. She is everything you want from a hiking singlehander. The UNO RACE is sensationally fast and are in total control. Painstaking development mean that the UNO RACE is powerful and responsive yet unbelievably easy to sail. Rigging remains simple, the...

UNO RACE X - Pocket rocket
The latest edition to the comprehensive stable of Topaz sailing system rigs. The Topaz Race X adds a new and exciting option for singlehanded or two crew sailing. The power source is a large but controllable fully battened 6.9m2 mylar main sail and a big race jib. But the icing on the cake for this little pocket rocket comes in the shape of a full-on 9.0m2 asymmetric...


Hull designed by Phil Morrison and using the best materials and technology available to provide a unique sailing experience, the Devoti-One is built using carbon fibre and foam, constructed in CNC moulds, giving a stiff light hull. The carbon mast, boom and bow sprit maintain quality throughout...

Devoti Sailing, builders of a range of sailing dinghies, including their world famous medal winning Finns, are delighted to announce the launch of the Devoti D-Zero. The D-Zero will be launched at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2014, at Alexandra Palace, London on the 1st and 2nd March 2014.

The D-Zero is...


How young who start sail on optimist can go on with sailing?
This is why we elaborate a modern dinghy in the lineage of the...


Sailing the Splash will guarantee you optimal sailing pleasure. This modern racing boat is very safe and has great...


Firstly we made a very rigid and fair GRP master plug. This...


Ultra modern, maximal ratio accessibility/performance, range of use (5-20 knots)
Especially designed for the light planning as the formula boards, the...

Designed for free ride, the Benji 380 ionic ensure on all terrains, a...


CL knows the timeless thrill of sailing, especially sailing fast. This is a thrill that continues to bring smiles to the faces of people both young and...


Designed and developed with the following brief in mind – to produce an elegant yet simple dinghy...


The Access 2.3 Single with its comfortable seat, joystick steering, single mainsheet control and amazing maneuverability has to be easiest boat in the...

The Access 2.3 Wide can be sailed sedately by two average sized adults, or as a sporty little racer by a single sailor. As with the 2.3 Single, the sailor's weight low...


11' Skiff Moth Shrinkage. This is Phil's project boat that...


How to choose this product


A single-handed sailing dinghy is small, fast and has a retractable centerboard. It is often cat-rigged, with a mainsail and no jib.


Both individual enthusiasts and sailing clubs use these craft for recreation, training and racing. The best-known designs include the Optimist, the Finn and the Laser. These small boats usually can be trailered or placed on a car roof, making them easy to transport to vacation or racing venues.


The hull is generally made of laminated polyester/fiberglass. Polyethylene, stronger but heavier, is sometimes used. Most masts are two-part to facilitate transport. There is either a retractable daggerboard in a case or a pivoting centerboard. The rudder also can be removed for easy launching and recovery. Some sail plans include a jib or a spinnaker.

How to choose

If you intend to race in one-design events, check with local clubs to find out which classes are most common in your area. Other factors include ease of rigging, transport and sailing in light of your experience and physical abilities.

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