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A sailing dinghy is a small, light sailboat with a centerboard or daggerboard to counter drift. Different models are designed for use by one, two or more crew.


These inshore craft generally remain within two miles of a safe haven. They are widely used by sail training centers. Their simplicity and minimal cost have spawned numerous regatta classes.


Many such boats are made of fiberglass. Those intended for beginners and practice sessions are often of polypropylene, heavier, but much sturdier than laminates. A few traditional versions are of wood.

The newest, ultra-light carbon fiber models are veritable sleds. They can be rigged as catboats, with a single sail, or as sloops, with main and headsail. Some require a second crew to handle the jib and ensure vessel stability by hiking out, often using a trapeze.

How to choose

For recreational use, simplicity and a sturdy hull are the recommended characteristics. Those who envision racing should check with nearby clubs to find out which of the many competitive classes are common in the area. Caravelles and other multi-person models allow sailing schools to reduce costs by carrying several trainees at once.


- Simple
- Inexpensive
- Light


- Suitable only for inshore use

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Catalina Yachts SABOT
Childrens SABOT - 2,44m    8' 0" Catalina Yachts

The U.S. Sabot by Catalina continues the tradition of the thousands of Sabots sailing today as the perfect first boat for the beginning sailor and popular with junior sailing...

Catalina Yachts 12.5 EXPO
Cat boat 12.5 EXPO - 3,89m    12' 9" Catalina Yachts

The Catalina Expo 12.5 is a fun machine. Thanks to the SmartRig® and Hoyt boom, getting underway has never been this quick and easy! There are no stays, no chainplates, and no halyards. Putting the...

Catalina Yachts 14.2
14.2 - 4,62m    15' 2" Catalina Yachts

The Catalina 14.2 is the perfect combination of day sailing comfort and racing performance for the active sailing family or couple. Stability and easy handling make...

Catalina Yachts 14.2 EXPO
Cat boat 14.2 EXPO - 4,30m    14' 1" Catalina Yachts

The design of the Catalina Expo 14.2 is based on the hugely successful Catalina 14.2. Having built over 5,000 Catalina 14.2s the Expo is intended as an alternative rig configuration for those new to sailing...

video Laser Performance
ISAF class LASER - 4,20m    13' 9" Laser Performance

The world’s most popular adult racing class. Every Laser in the world is identical. The strict one-design class rules ensure this remains true, making it the sailor that wins the race, not the...

Laser Performance RADIAL
ISAF class LASER RADIAL - 4,20m    13' 9" Laser Performance

Popular racing class for small adults, women and youth. The Laser Radial is a new Olympic class...

video Laser Performance 4.7
ISAF class LASER 4.7 - 4,20m    13' 9" Laser Performance

The next step after Bug, Optimist or Pico Features the same hull...

video Laser Performance LASER PICO
Childrens LASER PICO - 3,50m    11' 6" Laser Performance

Built for family fun The Laser Pico is a fun, durable, confidence-inspiring, rotomolded boat that can be sailed by everyone. It’s ideal for entry-level...

video Laser Performance BUG
Childrens BUG - 2,60m    8' 6" Laser Performance

Confidence-inspiring junior training/racing boat The Bug is the newest addition to the LaserPerformance...

video Laser Performance
ISAF class SUNFISH - 4,24m    13' 11" Laser Performance

The Sunfish is the most popular recreational sailboat in history. Its classic design, unmatched stability and sailing ease are enjoyed by all ages. Owners appreciate the lightweight...

13 products BIC Boats
video BIC Boats COMPLETE | B1002
Childrens ISAF class OPEN BIC COMPLETE | B1002 - 2,75m    9' 0" BIC Boats

The fast, planing hull of the O’pen BIC gives a dynamic sailing experience of a true dinghy that heels. Being at the helm...

BIC Boats 4.5 O'PEN BIC MONOFILM | 11738
Rig 4.5 O'PEN BIC MONOFILM | 11738 BIC Boats

The rig includes a fully-battened, 4.5m² mono-film sail with mast pocket, similar to that of a windsurf...

BIC Boats 3.8 M² DACRON | 100487
Singlehanded sail 3.8 M² DACRON | 100487 BIC Boats

The 3.8 m² dacron sail has been...

BIC Boats 31375
Mast for 31375 BIC Boats

Accessories characteristic Mast 3.90m...

CNA Cantiere Nautico TRIDENTE 16'
Symmetric spinnaker TRIDENTE 16' - 5m    16' 5" CNA Cantiere Nautico

A very spacious boat particularly adaptable for either sailing schools or family outings. It introduces the novice sailor to the fundamentals of sailing accompanying him every...

CNA Cantiere Nautico SKIPPER
Symmetric spinnaker SKIPPER - 4m    13' 1" CNA Cantiere Nautico

Following the numerous requests received by owners of the Tridente line to build a boat that maintained the same characteristics, but easily transportable on the...

CNA Cantiere Nautico TRIDENTE 14'
Doublehanded TRIDENTE 14' - 4,30m    14' 1" CNA Cantiere Nautico

4.30 metres of pure enjoyment! A very stable hull whether sailing or just anchored at the beach. The cockpit is very spacious and ergonomically conceived, it’s seating along the inside edge of the boat...

CNA Cantiere Nautico FLYING JUNIOR
Doublehanded symmetric spinnaker single trapeze FLYING JUNIOR - 4,04m    13' 3" CNA Cantiere Nautico

A particularly technical boat with a glorious sailing class behind it which is presently detracting more and more sailing crews to this recent class of sailboat . Light weight,...

CNA Cantiere Nautico X 14'
Singlehanded cat boat X 14' - 4,06m    13' 4" CNA Cantiere Nautico

Practicality is the main characteristic of the X14, easy to manage on land (only 60kg!), transportable on the roof top of any car. The mast (Spar) is collapsible for easy...

CNA Cantiere Nautico BABY BOAT
Childrens ISAF class OPTIMIST BABY BOAT - 2,30m    7' 7" CNA Cantiere Nautico

A boat made with children in mind as they learn the basics of sailing and achieve an early appreciation for that wonderful sensation...

1 products TIWAL
video TIWAL TIWAL 3.2
Inflatable TIWAL 3.2 - 3,20m    10' 6" TIWAL

TIWAL 3.2 is the very first high performance inflatable sailing dinghy for water sports; it is designed to make navigation fun and simple and for the thrill of speed and glide. It’s versatile design...

10 products Topper
ISAF class TOPPER - 3,40m    11' 2" Topper

Perfect for beginners - Youngsters and newcomers to sailing will love the Topper because she is so easy to handle and nothing comes close to the now famous Topper grin factor. Perfect for families -...

Topper TAZ
Cat boat TAZ - 2,95m    9' 8" Topper

Topaz TAZ is the most affordable family or school boat for one or two people. Two sails for two people - perfect for young families and ideal for sailing schools. "Smaller...

Cat boat TOPAZ UNO PLUS - 3,85m    12' 8" Topper

UNO PLUS - Two sails The UNO PLUS and UNO RACE PLUS give an extra dimension to the simple UNO rig. The upgrades require a minimal tweak to the rigging of the standard UNO but add a greater sailing variety...

Singlehanded cat boat TOPAZ UNO RACE PLUS - 3,85m    12' 8" Topper

UNO RACE - More power The Topaz UNO RACE has been designed for the more adventurous singlehanded sailor who demands that extra bit of performance. She is everything you want from a hiking singlehander....

Singlehanded TOPAZ UNO RACE X - 3,85m    12' 8" Topper

UNO RACE X - Pocket rocket The latest edition to the comprehensive stable of Topaz sailing system rigs. The Topaz Race X adds a new and exciting option for singlehanded or two crew sailing. The power...

Doublehanded asymmetric spinnaker TOPAZ TRES - 3,85m    12' 8" Topper

TRES - New generation The Topaz TRES offers sailors of all abilities the excitement of the new generation racing designs at unbeatable value for money. The TRES utilises a second mast position to provide...

6 products Erplast
Childrens OPTIMIST OPTILENE - 2,35m    7' 9" Erplast

Designed for learning sail in total safety, it is present in France since 1985. It is the school...

Childrens OPTIMIST OPTIKID - 2,35m    7' 9" Erplast

This boat has a huge responsability learning how to sail to young people. He learns quickly with...

Childrens OPTIMIST OPTIMÔME - 2,32m    7' 7" Erplast

The Optimome is a school boat, self bailing, made in GRP. It has developed to answer to sailing schools wishes:...

Childrens ISAF class OPTIMIST OPTIMIST IODA FUGU - 2,35m    7' 9" Erplast

The Fugu is an Erplast optimist which responds to the IODA rules. Erplast is the only French manufacturer able to produce such an optimist. Thanks to our experience and in collaboration with the Optimist...

Erplast ZOOM 8
Singlehanded cat boat ZOOM 8 - 2,65m    8' 8" Erplast

How young who start sail on optimist can go on with sailing? This is why we elaborate a modern dinghy in the lineage...

Erplast EUROPE
ISAF class EUROPE EUROPE - 3,35m    11' 0" Erplast

Further to the commercial success of our optimist and after the launching of the Zoom8, everything was inciting Erplast to launch...

4 products Ziegelmayer
ISAF class 470 - 4,70m    15' 5" Ziegelmayer

First introduced in 1963, 470s have been an Olympic class since 1976. Since 1988 it has been an Olympic class for both double-handed...

ISAF class 420 - 4,20m    13' 9" Ziegelmayer

Fast, fun and easy to sail: The International 420 is a widely recognised youth and leisure sailing dinghy. There is hardly...

Childrens ISAF class OPTIMIST - 2,30m    7' 7" Ziegelmayer

Affordable, durable and easy to sail Optimists are the perfect boat for kids up to 15 years of age. It is safe and simple enough to start learning to sail...

14 products Nautivela
Nautivela OPTIMIST
Childrens ISAF class OPTIMIST OPTIMIST - 2,30m    7' 7" Nautivela

Worldwide recognized as the best Class to introduce kids to the sport of sailing the Optimist is one of the most popular boats in the world. Competition after sailing school gets more and more exciting...

Nautivela 555FIV
Doublehanded 555FIV - 5,55m    18' 3" Nautivela

Technical data: Overall Length 5.55...

Nautivela 420
ISAF class 420 420 - 4,20m    13' 9" Nautivela

Chosen by most of the sailing associations as the double handed dinghy to introduce young sailors to Olympic Classes, the 420 is amongst the most popular Classes worldwide and has been chosen by the ISAF...

Nautivela 470
ISAF class 470 470 - 4,70m    15' 5" Nautivela

With more than 30.000 units registered to the International Class Organization the success of the 470 is well beyond the simple fact of beeing Olympic. Constant attention to the needs of the best sailors...

Nautivela BYTE
ISAF class BYTE BYTE - 3,60m    11' 10" Nautivela

The Byte, designed by Ian Bruce, is a high-performance singlehanded dinghy that is 12-feet long (3.7 m) and weighs 100 lbs (45.4 kg). This boat is suited for sailors weighing between 90 and 160 lbs (40.8...

video Nautivela BYTE CII
ISAF class BYTE BYTE CII - 3,60m    11' 10" Nautivela

The Class, with the assistance of the boat’s designer and its manufacturers, has been pursuing the development of an entirely new rig concept...

9 products Devoti Sailing
Devoti Sailing
ISAF class FINN - 4,50m    14' 9" Devoti Sailing

The Devoti Finn design has been built since 1993 and from its launch has dominated the racing scene, winning every main championship...

video Devoti Sailing D-ONE
Singlehanded skiff asymmetric spinnaker D-ONE - 4,23m    13' 11" Devoti Sailing

Hull designed by Phil Morrison and using the best materials and technology available to provide a unique sailing experience, the Devoti-One is built using carbon fibre and foam, constructed in CNC moulds,...

video Devoti Sailing D-ZERO
Singlehanded skiff D-ZERO - 4,30m    14' 1" Devoti Sailing

Devoti Sailing, builders of a range of sailing dinghies, including their world famous medal winning Finns, are delighted to announce the launch of the Devoti D-Zero. The D-Zero will be launched at the...

video Devoti Sailing NAUTICA 450
Doublehanded asymmetric spinnaker NAUTICA 450 - 4,50m    14' 9" Devoti Sailing

Nautica 450 is a fast and safe dinghy developed to deliver easy handling. Uncomplicated rigging, spacious cockpit, wide and stable...

Devoti Sailing
Childrens ISAF class OPTIMIST - 2,30m    7' 7" Devoti Sailing

We are proud to announce that Devoti Optimist will be the main prize for the winner of Tombola at the...

Devoti Sailing R.H.C. 450 KG
Trailer R.H.C. 450 KG Devoti Sailing

R.H.C 450 kg road trailer...


The new DenMark Race is build on pure succes. Through our obsession with details and strong focus on quality we have engineered the #1 optimist in the world for the last 40 years. Our philosophy is:...

Childrens ISAF class OPTIMIST 3D STAR - 2,30m    7' 7" WINNER OPTIMIST

The new 3D Designed Optimist - build in CNC milled moulds! What makes our Optimist so fast: 3D improved hull shape Low friction bottom. Stiffer hull - obtained by using 15% stiffer foam in the bottom...

6 products Mackay Boats
video Mackay Boats
ISAF class 49ER FX - 4,88m    16' 0" Mackay Boats

Mackay Boats developed the new FX rig for the 49er. After 9 months of testing by the Mackay team the boat was taken to Santander (ESP) and trialed againt 5 other boats by the ISAF evaluation committee. The...

Mackay Boats
ISAF class 470 - 4,70m    15' 5" Mackay Boats

In 2012 the International 470 class decided to introduce measurement at every 500mm station on the hull. Previously the class only measured the boats every 1 meter. Our initial reaction...

Mackay Boats
ISAF class 420 - 4,20m    13' 9" Mackay Boats

Mackay Boats started building the International 420 in 2011. Introduction of the 420 was preceeded by 2 years of development and design to produce the fastest shape and best structure to ensure the Mackay...

Mackay Boats
ISAF class 49ER - 4,88m    16' 0" Mackay Boats

Mackay Boats have been building the 49er since it became an Olympic class before the 2000 Sydney Olympics. During this time our boats have gained a reputation for the top workmanship,attention...

Mackay Boats
ISAF class 29er - 4,45m    14' 7" Mackay Boats

The 29er is a true high performance skiff - a two man, single trapeze, asymmetric spinnaker boat. 29ers are built on five continents, to exceedingly strict one design standards, and under strict control...

Mackay Boats STARLING
Singlehanded cat boat STARLING - 2,90m    9' 6" Mackay Boats

The Starling Class yacht is a one-man centreboard yacht that has been used to train most of New Zealand’s teenage yachtsmen over a period of three decades. Top America’s Cup sailor Russell...

8 products Ovington
Ovington  29ER
ISAF class 29er 29ER - 4,45m    14' 7" Ovington

The 29er is a true high performance skiff - a two person, single trapeze dinghy with an asymetric spinnaker and a lightweight hull. It was designed by Australian skiff legend Julian Bethwaite...

Ovington  49ER
ISAF class 49ER 49ER - 4,90m    16' 1" Ovington

The 49er one-design skiff has transformed dinghy racing offering performance, excitement and spectacle together with the unmatched ferocity of competition...

Ovington 49ER FX
ISAF class 49ER FX 49ER FX - 4,90m    16' 1" Ovington

The 49er FX is the new Olympic skiff for women which will make it’s debut at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio....

ISAF class MUSTO PERFORMANCE SKIFF MUSTO SKIFF - 4,55m    14' 11" Ovington

The Musto Skiff is a high performance single handed trapeze dinghy with an annual ISAF...

Ovington PHANTOM
Singlehanded PHANTOM - 4,42m    14' 6" Ovington

The Phantom has evoloved since its inception in 1971 to a refined single hander with...

Singlehanded cat boat SOLUTION - 3,90m    12' 10" Ovington

The Solution is a hiking singlehander designed designed to provide exciting but manageable sailing for all sailors in the...

3 products Melges
video Melges X SCOW
Doublehanded X SCOW - 4,88m    16' 0" Melges

The Melges X Boat® makes learning to sail fun, easy and addictive. There is nothing quite like the thrill of that first regatta success. For youth sailors, it is a competitive and rewarding...

video Melges 29ER
ISAF class 29er 29ER - 4,42m    14' 6" Melges

Originally introduced in 1998, Julian Bethwaite’s revolutionary 29er and 29erXX skiffs are pure and simple designs offering super...

video Melges 29ER XX
ISAF class 29er XX 29ER XX - 4,42m    14' 6" Melges

Originally introduced in 1998, Julian Bethwaite’s revolutionary 29er and 29erXX skiffs are pure and simple designs offering super...

new LDC Racing Sailboats RS AERO
Singlehanded skiff RS AERO - 4m    13' 1" LDC Racing Sailboats

The RS Aero is the product of three years of design and development, testing four different hull variations and numerous rig, foil and layout options – resulting in a boat that we are confident...

video LDC Racing Sailboats RS TERA
Childrens ISAF class RS TERA RS TERA - 2,87m    9' 5" LDC Racing Sailboats

The new fast, fun and safe single-hander for youngsters – from entry level fun up to international competition the RS Tera makes sailing addictive. For youngsters, family beach fun, racing...

video LDC Racing Sailboats RS QUBA
Cat boat RS QUBA - 3,53m    11' 7" LDC Racing Sailboats

The versatile family boat taking the world by storm Schools and clubs are changing to the Quba Durable, lightweight, safe and fun Get the whole family into sailing with this compact boat that offers...

video LDC Racing Sailboats RS FEVA
ISAF class RS FEVA RS FEVA - 3,64m    11' 11" LDC Racing Sailboats

World leading double-hander with a huge race circuit and recreational following across the globe – an International best seller! The worlds best selling two-person sailboat in recent years, an...

video LDC Racing Sailboats RS VISION
Doublehanded asymmetric spinnaker RS VISION - 4,60m    15' 1" LDC Racing Sailboats

The RS Vision – Best selling boat in its sector over recent years. Forgiving handling with exciting performance Light, durable and beautifully built Perfect all-round family sailboat: Easy handling...

LDC Racing Sailboats RS VENTURE
Asymmetric spinnaker RS VENTURE - 4,98m    16' 4" LDC Racing Sailboats

The new benchmark in large modern cruising and training dinghies. Capable of carrying up to 8 sailors The ultimate for elegant, luxurious, sociable sailing. A remarkably stable and dependable...

Rondar Raceboats ENTERPRISE
Doublehanded ENTERPRISE - 4,05m    13' 3" Rondar Raceboats

2 World Championship and 3 National Champoinships 1st place titles. Designed by Jack Holt in 1956, the Enterprise has become one of the largest classes in the world and certainly a very popular racing...

video Rondar Raceboats
ISAF class 505 - 5,05m    16' 7" Rondar Raceboats

The Rondar model: Winning 16 world championships since 1993 More wins than any other boat builder Although designed and introduced in 1953, the...

video Rondar Raceboats FIREFLY
FIREFLY - 3,66m    12' 0" Rondar Raceboats

6 National Championship 1st places. Designed by Uffa Fox in 1946 the 12’ Firefly has proven to be a successful two person sailing boat. It was selected as an Olympic boat in 1948. It has a strong following...

Nauticraft Corporation TRIBUTE
TRIBUTE - 4,01m    13' 2" Nauticraft Corporation

This sprightly little sailing dinghy is a throwback to the days when a sailboat wasn’t a sailboat unless it had at least two sails, no matter its size. Yet, here is the sloop rigged Tribute with modern...

3 products Sail Extreme
Sail Extreme RX3
Cat boat RX3 - 3,09m    10' 2" Sail Extreme

The X3 sailing dinghy from Sail Extreme is an exciting sailing dinghy for those with novice to advanced...

Sail Extreme EX3
Singlehanded cat boat EX3 - 3,10m    10' 2" Sail Extreme

The X3 sailing dinghy from Sail Extreme is an exciting sailing dinghy for those with novice to advanced...

Sail Extreme FX3
Cat boat FX3 - 3,09m    10' 2" Sail Extreme

The X3 sailing dinghy from Sail Extreme is an exciting sailing dinghy for those with novice to advanced...

Access Dinghies ACCESS 2.3 SINGLE
Singlehanded for disabled people ACCESS 2.3 SINGLE - 2,30m    7' 7" Access Dinghies

The Access 2.3 Single with its comfortable seat, joystick steering, single mainsheet control and amazing maneuverability has to be easiest boat...

Access Dinghies ACCESS 2.3 WIDE
Singlehanded for disabled people ACCESS 2.3 WIDE - 2,30m    7' 7" Access Dinghies

The Access 2.3 Wide can be sailed sedately by two average sized adults, or as a sporty little racer by a single sailor. As with the 2.3 Single, the sailor’s weight...

Access Dinghies ACCESS 303
For disabled people ACCESS 303 - 3,03m    9' 11" Access Dinghies

The 303 Wide is ideal for those sailors who wish to take their sailing a stage further. This boat has a taller rig with the addition of a jib so...

Access Dinghies ACCESS LIBERTY
For disabled people ACCESS LIBERTY - 3,60m    11' 10" Access Dinghies

Twenty percent longer than the 303 but the same width makes the Liberty a very fast and high pointing sailing dinghy. The Liberty is indeed a totally accessible performance craft which anyone can sail,...

video Access Dinghies SKUD18
Doublehanded skiff for disabled people asymmetric spinnaker single trapeze SKUD18 - 5,80m    19' 0" Access Dinghies

The SKUD18 is the result of collaboration between Access Sailing’s Chris Mitchell and B&B Technology and Innovation - Julian Bethwaite and Martin Billoch. By combining Mitchell’s unique understanding...

Access Dinghies 3
Trailer 3 Access Dinghies

This 3 boat trailer can be towed...

AB RE - ASTRO Barcelona Racing Equipment, SL
Childrens OPTIMIST - 2,30m    7' 7" AB RE - ASTRO Barcelona Racing Equipment, SL

ASTRO Optimist The ASTRO Optimist, are the result of many years of experience in sail competition,...

AB RE - ASTRO Barcelona Racing Equipment, SL
Hiking bench for AB RE - ASTRO Barcelona Racing Equipment, SL

ASTRO Optimist Hiking Bench. With the same beam, side panel high and...

AB RE - ASTRO Barcelona Racing Equipment, SL 470 / 420 - CARBON Gooseneck
Gooseneck 470 / 420 - CARBON Gooseneck AB RE - ASTRO Barcelona Racing Equipment, SL

470 / 420 Extended Carbon Gooseneck: Coordinates outhaul tension with mainsheet trim. Built in Epoxy/Carbon laminate...

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