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Sailing dinghies

The world’s most popular adult racing class.

Every Laser in the world is identical. The strict one-design class rules ensure this remains true, making it the sailor that wins the race, not the boat. The Laser is a challenging...

sailing dinghy - RADIAL

Popular racing class for small adults, women and youth.

The Laser Radial is a new Olympic...

sailing dinghy - 4.7

The next step after Bug, Optimist or Pico

Features the same...

children's sailing dinghy - LASER PICO

Built for family fun

The Laser Pico is a fun, durable, confidence-inspiring, rotomolded boat that can be sailed by everyone. It's ideal for...

children's sailing dinghy - BUG

Confidence-inspiring junior training/racing boat

The Bug is the newest addition to the LaserPerformance...

sailing dinghy - COMPLETE | B1002

The fast, planing hull of the O’pen BIC gives a dynamic sailing experience of a true dinghy that heels. Being at the helm...

children's sailing dinghy - SABOT

The U.S. Sabot by Catalina continues the tradition of the thousands of Sabots sailing today as the perfect first boat for the beginning sailor and popular with junior sailing...

cat boat sailing dinghy - 12.5 EXPO

The Catalina Expo 12.5 is a fun machine. Thanks to the SmartRig® and Hoyt boom, getting underway has never been this quick and easy! There are no stays, no chainplates, and no halyards. Putting the boat away is also a snap, as both mast and boom are deck-stepped and removable by hand, without any tools, in minutes. This is one boat...

sailing dinghy - 14.2

The Catalina 14.2 is the perfect combination of day sailing comfort and racing performance for the active sailing family or couple. Stability and easy handling make...

cat boat sailing dinghy - 14.2 EXPO

The design of the Catalina Expo 14.2 is based on the hugely successful Catalina 14.2. Having built over 5,000 Catalina 14.2s the Expo is intended as an alternative rig configuration for those new to sailing or experienced sailors who want to enjoy the fun of small boat sailing in...

cat boat sailing dinghy - 14.2 EXPO

The new fast, fun and safe single-hander for youngsters – From entry level fun up to international competition the RS Tera makes sailing addictive.

For youngsters, family beach fun, racing and as a junior boat for sailing clubs, schools and holiday...

children's sailing dinghy - RS QUBA

The RS Quba is the versatile family boat taking the world by storm
Schools and clubs are changing to the RS Quba
Durable, lightweight, safe and fun

Get the whole family into sailing with this compact boat that offers beautiful, easy handling with a host of features that make it...

children's sailing dinghy - FEVA

The RS Feva is an ISAF Class
RYA Junior Supported Class
Internationally award winning design

The RS Feva is a world leading double-handed sailing dinghy with a huge race circuit and recreational following across the globe...

skiff sailing dinghy / single-handed / asymmetric spinnaker - RS VAREO

The RS Vareo is the perfect adult single-hander for a wide range of abilities
Great handling, fun and exciting downwind
Ideal for sailors wanting to progress and race

The RS Vareo is a spinnaker powered single-hander...

double sailing dinghy / asymmetric spinnaker - RS VISION

The RS Vision is the perfect all-round family sailboat: Easy handling and sparkling performance. A great trainer, cruiser and club racer for young and old.

On lochs and lakes, in harbours and estuaries, there is absolutely nothing quite like messing...

symmetric spinnaker sailing dinghy - TRIDENTE 16'

A very spacious boat particularly adaptable for either sailing schools or family outings. It introduces the novice sailor to the fundamentals of sailing accompanying him every...

symmetric spinnaker sailing dinghy - SKIPPER

Following the numerous requests received by owners of the Tridente line to build a boat that maintained the same characteristics, but easily transportable on the roof...

double sailing dinghy - TRIDENTE 14'

4.30 metres of pure enjoyment! A very stable hull whether sailing or just anchored at the beach. The cockpit is very spacious and ergonomically conceived, it's seating along the inside edge of the boat runs all the way to the stern, an ample water tight bow peak locker, in line with C.N.A. philosophy, a higher boom, efficient and versatile sail plan thanks to the full batten...

double sailing dinghy / symmetric spinnaker / single trapeze - FLYING JUNIOR

A particularly technical boat with a glorious sailing class behind it which is presently detracting more and more sailing crews to this recent class of sailboat . Light weight,...

single-handed sailing dinghy / cat boat - X 14'

Practicality is the main characteristic of the X14, easy to manage on land (only 60kg!), transportable on the roof top of any car. The mast (Spar) is collapsible for easy...

pneumatic sailing dinghy - TIWAL 3.2

TIWAL 3.2 is the very first high performance inflatable sailing dinghy for water sports; it is designed to make navigation fun and simple and for the thrill of speed and glide. It’s versatile design allows for both high performance solo use and leisure...

sailing dinghy - DENMARK RACE

The new DenMark Race is build on pure succes.

Through our obsession with details and strong focus on quality we have engineered the #1 optimist in the world for the last 40 years.
Our philosophy is: The best materials and the best craftsmanship generate the best...

sailing dinghy - 3D STAR

The new 3D Designed Optimist - build in CNC milled moulds!

What makes our Optimist so fast:
3D improved hull shape
Low friction bottom.
Stiffer hull - obtained by using 15% stiffer foam in the bottom hull.
Advanced Winner maststep: Stiffer, stronger and less wobbling.
Orbit block system incl. Optilink.
New non-slip infront of the daggerboard case.

sailing dinghy - 3D STAR

New Moulds produce the most exciting Mackay 470 ever!

In 2012 the International 470 class decided to introduce measurement at every 500mm station on the hull. Previously the class only measured the...

sailing dinghy - 3D STAR

The Mackay 420 won the first World Championship it entered.

Alexandros & Georgios Kavvas from Greece won 7 of the 10 races in the 2012 World championships.

The following year Annabel Cattermole & Bryony Bennett-Lloyd...

sailing dinghy - 3D STAR

The inaugural 49erFX World championships were held in Marseille FRA during Spetmeber 2013.

Congratulations to all 53 crews who competed!

Mackay Boats developed the new FX rig for the 49er. After 9 months of testing by the Mackay team...

sailing dinghy - 3D STAR

Mackay Boats have been building the 49er since it became an Olympic class before the 2000 Sydney Olympics. During this time our boats have gained a reputation for the top workmanship,attention to all...

sailing dinghy - 3D STAR

The 29er is a true high performance skiff - a two man, single trapeze, asymmetric spinnaker boat. 29ers are built on five continents, to exceedingly strict one design standards, and under strict control of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). This assures that the boats provide sailing ability as the performance criterium. The boats are rugged, well...

cat boat sailing dinghy - TWINER

The Twiner 2.80 has been designed to provide a new sailing sensation of speed and stability.
The various crew combinations are as follows: one or two children, a child and an adult or a single adult. This means that the Twiner can be sailed by both adults and children. It is suitable for all the...

children's sailing dinghy - PIXXY

The Pixxy 2.35 is a stable, easily adaptable dinghy, making beginners classes for children a genuine pleasure. Young helmsmen will be particularly attracted by the fashionable design and especially sleek-looking tiller.


sailing dinghy - BOOXY

With a careen general-purpose, powerful, the BOOXY is a boat particularly stable and comfortable, enabling helmsmen to discover the “new generation” of dinghy appreciating the advantages of its asymmetrical spinnaker.

The self-draining cockpit is open on all the length. Ergonomics...

children's sailing dinghy / Optimist - LE P'TIT SUN

Two versions are available : Traditional, single-bunt or double-bunt.

Self-draining model : Enabling young helmsmen to keep their eyes on the rudder !

The idea behind the "self-draining" model was to give a classic boat a makeover by adding a cockpit more convivial and spacious in layout, as well...

sailing dinghy - CAP SUD

A beginners dinghy for all the family
12'0" of pleasure, whether sailing on the wind, by motor or with oars !

Convivial, simple to use and rig, and especially stable in the water; the CAP SUD has caught on quickly with sailing schools. This dinghy is perfect for leisurely trips out and beginners classes for up to 3 people at a time (adults and/or children), and compensates...

sailing dinghy - OPTIMIST

Worldwide recognized as the best Class to introduce kids to the sport of sailing the Optimist is one of the most popular boats in the world.
Competition after sailing school gets more and more exciting any time and people from all over the World enters International events and the World...

double sailing dinghy - 555FIV

Technical data:
Overall Length 5.55...

sailing dinghy - 420

Chosen by most of the sailing associations as the double handed dinghy to introduce young sailors to Olympic Classes, the 420 is amongst the most popular Classes worldwide and has been chosen by the ISAF as the double handed discipline for...

sailing dinghy - 470

With more than 30.000 units registered to the International Class Organization the success of the 470 is well beyond the simple fact of beeing Olympic.
Constant attention to the needs of the best sailors all over the world, optimization of structures layout...

sailing dinghy - BYTE

The Byte, designed by Ian Bruce, is a high-performance singlehanded dinghy that is 12-feet long (3.7 m) and weighs 100 lbs (45.4 kg). This boat is suited for sailors weighing between 90 and 160 lbs (40.8 - 72.6 kg) with the optimum all-round, all-weather weight for racing being 120 - 145 lbs (54.4 - 65.8...

sailing dinghy -  29ER

The 29er is a true high performance skiff - a two person, single trapeze dinghy with an asymetric spinnaker and a lightweight hull. It was designed by Australian skiff legend Julian Bethwaite...

sailing dinghy -  49ER

The 49er one-design skiff has transformed dinghy racing offering performance, excitement and spectacle together with the unmatched ferocity of competition...

sailing dinghy - 49ER FX

The 49er FX is the new Olympic skiff for women which will make it's debut at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio....

sailing dinghy -  MUSTO SKIFF

The Musto Skiff is a high performance single handed trapeze dinghy with an annual ISAF...

single-handed sailing dinghy - PHANTOM

The Phantom has evoloved since its inception in 1971 to a refined single hander with...

single-handed sailing dinghy - PHANTOM

Perfect for beginners - Youngsters and newcomers to sailing will love the Topper because she is so easy to handle and nothing comes close to the now famous Topper grin factor.

Perfect for families - Unlike other small boats the Topper has something to offer the whole family. Whilst she is simple, safe and stable to inspire...

cat boat sailing dinghy - TAZ

Topaz TAZ is the most affordable family or school boat for one or two people. Two sails for two people - perfect for young families and ideal for sailing schools.


cat boat sailing dinghy - TOPAZ UNO PLUS

UNO PLUS - Two sails
The UNO PLUS and UNO RACE PLUS give an extra dimension to the simple UNO rig. The upgrades require a minimal tweak to the rigging of the standard UNO but add a greater sailing variety that only the ultra-versatile Topaz Sailing...

single-handed sailing dinghy / cat boat - TOPAZ UNO RACE PLUS

UNO RACE - More power
The Topaz UNO RACE has been designed for the more adventurous singlehanded sailor who demands that extra bit of performance. She is everything you want from a hiking singlehander. The UNO RACE is sensationally fast and are in total control. Painstaking development mean that the UNO RACE is powerful and responsive yet unbelievably easy to sail. Rigging remains simple, the...

single-handed sailing dinghy - TOPAZ UNO RACE X

UNO RACE X - Pocket rocket
The latest edition to the comprehensive stable of Topaz sailing system rigs. The Topaz Race X adds a new and exciting option for singlehanded or two crew sailing. The power source is a large but controllable fully battened 6.9m2 mylar main sail and a big race jib. But the icing on the cake for this little pocket rocket comes in the shape of a full-on 9.0m2 asymmetric...

single-handed sailing dinghy - TOPAZ UNO RACE X

The Devoti Finn design has been built since 1993 and from its launch has dominated the racing scene, winning every main championship in every...

skiff sailing dinghy / single-handed / asymmetric spinnaker - D-ONE

Hull designed by Phil Morrison and using the best materials and technology available to provide a unique sailing experience, the Devoti-One is built using carbon fibre and foam, constructed in CNC moulds, giving a stiff light hull. The carbon mast, boom and bow sprit maintain quality throughout...

single-handed sailing dinghy / skiff - D-ZERO

Devoti Sailing, builders of a range of sailing dinghies, including their world famous medal winning Finns, are delighted to announce the launch of the Devoti D-Zero. The D-Zero will be launched at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2014, at Alexandra Palace, London on the 1st and 2nd March 2014.

The D-Zero is...

double sailing dinghy / asymmetric spinnaker - NAUTICA 450

Nautica 450 is a fast and safe dinghy developed to deliver easy handling. Uncomplicated rigging, spacious cockpit, wide and stable hull...

double sailing dinghy / asymmetric spinnaker - NAUTICA 450

We are proud to announce that Devoti Optimist will be the main prize for the winner of Tombola at the Easter...

double sailing dinghy - X SCOW

The Melges X Boat® makes learning to sail fun, easy and addictive. There is nothing quite like the thrill of that first regatta success. For youth sailors, it is a competitive and rewarding experience...

sailing dinghy - 29ER

Originally introduced in 1998, Julian Bethwaite’s revolutionary 29er and 29erXX skiffs are pure and simple designs offering super...

sailing dinghy - 29ER XX

Originally introduced in 1998, Julian Bethwaite’s revolutionary 29er and 29erXX skiffs are pure and simple designs offering super...

children's sailing dinghy / Optimist - OPTILENE

Designed for learning sail in total safety, it is present in France since 1985. It is the school boat more sold...

children's sailing dinghy / Optimist - OPTIKID

This boat has a huge responsability learning how to sail to young people. He learns quickly with a good mood....

children's sailing dinghy / Optimist - OPTIMÔME

The Optimome is a school boat, self bailing, made in GRP. It has developed to answer to sailing schools wishes: have a fast and...

sailing dinghy - OPTIMIST IODA FUGU

The Fugu is an Erplast optimist which responds to the IODA rules. Erplast is the only French manufacturer able to produce such an optimist. Thanks to our experience and in collaboration with the Optimist class and its gaugers, we succeed in this production. The Fugu is available in 2 models: the Fugu and the Fugu+.

It is an optimist with...

single-handed sailing dinghy / cat boat - ZOOM 8

How young who start sail on optimist can go on with sailing?
This is why we elaborate a modern dinghy in the lineage of the...

children's sailing dinghy - DIABLOTIN

• This little devil is for kids from 7 to 11 years old. It has...

school sailing dinghy - GOELETTE MERCATOR

• The schooner Mercator, is signed Yves Loday, Olympic Champion, and well known naval architect.


traditional sailing dinghy - BOSUN

The classic 14 foot Bosun Sailing Dinghy was originally designed by Ian Proctor for Bossoms Boatyard in 1963 in response...

traditional sailing dinghy - ASC PULLING

The Admiralty Sailing Craft (ASC) 16 foot dinghy is a traditional pulling and sail-training open dinghy, extensively used by Sea Cadet Units and...

sailing dinghy - HARBOR 14

For years, this beautiful little keel boat has been known as the Capri 14. It started out as a “Lido 14 with a keel.” It was made from the Lido molds but was equipped with a 250 pound keel to make it more stable and to provide more leg room in the cockpit. The sail area was the same as the Lido’s, but everything...

children's sailing dinghy - SABOT

The Naples Sabot is the perfect first boat for young sailors. It is light, safe, inexpensive, and fun to sail. The W. D. Schock Corp. has been building Sabots for over fifty years and is now one of the few remaining production builders of...

sailing dinghy - TRIBUTE

This sprightly little sailing dinghy is a throwback to the days when a sailboat wasn't a sailboat unless it had at least two sails, no matter its size. Yet, here is the sloop rigged Tribute with modern lines, produced of contemporary...


How to choose this product


A sailing dinghy is a small, light sailboat with a centerboard or daggerboard to counter drift. Different models are designed for use by one, two or more crew.


These inshore craft generally remain within two miles of a safe haven. They are widely used by sail training centers. Their simplicity and minimal cost have spawned numerous regatta classes.


Many such boats are made of fiberglass. Those intended for beginners and practice sessions are often of polypropylene, heavier, but much sturdier than laminates. A few traditional versions are of wood.

The newest, ultra-light carbon fiber models are veritable sleds. They can be rigged as catboats, with a single sail, or as sloops, with main and headsail. Some require a second crew to handle the jib and ensure vessel stability by hiking out, often using a trapeze.

How to choose

For recreational use, simplicity and a sturdy hull are the recommended characteristics. Those who envision racing should check with nearby clubs to find out which of the many competitive classes are common in the area. Caravelles and other multi-person models allow sailing schools to reduce costs by carrying several trainees at once.


- Simple
- Inexpensive
- Light


- Suitable only for inshore use

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