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A sailboat boom is a horizontal spar to which the foot of a sail is bent. The boom is attached to the lower part of the mast. NauticExpo offers a wide range of booms including V-shaped carbon fiber, aluminum roller furling and carbon roller furling.


The boom holds the foot of the sail fast during raising and lowering operations and facilitates its orientation as a function of course and wind direction. Some include roller mechanisms for furling and unfurling the sail, either within or around the boom.


The boom is attached to the mast via a gooseneck, which swivels horizontally and pivots vertically. The sail is bent to the boom at the tack and the clew. Materials vary with boat type. Racing craft often have carbon fiber versions.

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There is an enormous variety of booms. Choice will depend primarily on size and type of vessel, be it sailing dinghy, racer, cruiser or another craft.

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7 products Seldén

Seldén booms have a wealth of sophisticated features and can be equipped with a variety of reefing systems to suit different boats and the needs of different sailors. The booms can be fitted for...

Sailboat carbon boom BC SERIES Seldén

Seldén can also supply carbon booms that harmonise with its carbon mast range. Carbon booms offer weight savings of up to 35% compared to aluminium. This means that boom weight on a typical 35 ft...

new Seldén 508-732-10/-60 / 508-731-10/-60
Sailboat reverse thrust boom vang (GNAV) 508-732-10/-60 / 508-731-10/-60 Seldén

Gnav (a new sailing word, being an upside down VANG) This is a new concept when it comes to kickers. It originates from sailing dinghies, and keelboat classes like Laser SB3, where it allows more space...

Pneumatic vang Seldén

A Seldén Rodkicker facilitates sail handling when reefing, preventing the boom from...

Seldén HTI, HT
Hydraulic vang HTI, HT Seldén

Fast and convenient adjustment of the backstay and the vang is vital both for the racing sailor and for the cruising sailor. Being able to tension the forestay, adjust the pre-bend of the mast and control...

5 products Profurl
Profurl MK0R
Sailboat in-boom furling system MK0R Profurl

MK0R - in-boom furler with a Dacron luff sail - For boats from 5 to 8 m - Maximum foot length: 3,14 m General description Safety, simplicity and efficiency… System components: The in-boom furling...

Profurl MK1R
Sailboat in-boom furling system MK1R Profurl

MK1R - In-boom furler with a Dacron luff sail - For boats from 8 to 10 m - Maximum foot length: 5,0 m General description Safety, simplicity and efficiency… System components: The in-boom furling...

Profurl MK2R
Sailboat in-boom furling system MK2R Profurl

MK2R - in-boom furler with luff profiles - For boats from 10 to 12 m - Maximum foot length: 5,0 m General description Safety, simplicity and efficiency… System components: The in-boom furling...

Profurl MK3R
Sailboat in-boom furling system MK3R Profurl

MK3R - In-boom furler with luff profiles - For boats from 12 to 15 m - Maximum foot length: 6,0 m General description Safety, simplicity and efficiency… System components: The in-boom furling...

Profurl MK4
Sailboat in-boom furling system MK4 Profurl

MK4R - In-boom furler with luff profile - For boats from 15 to 18 m -Maximum foot length: 7,0 m General description Safety, simplicity and efficiency… System components: The in-boom furling system...

Hall Spars & rigging MAX DEPTH
Sailboat carbon boom MAX DEPTH Hall Spars & rigging

Max-Depth Boom: This boom is favored by the highest-end racing programs. The booms height is uniform,...

Hall Spars & rigging HALL TAPERED MAX-DEPTH
Sailboat carbon boom HALL TAPERED MAX-DEPTH Hall Spars & rigging

Tapered Max-Depth Boom: The Hall Tapered Max-Depth Boom is ideal for aggressive racing programs seeking the ultimate...

Hall Spars & rigging HALL RACING
Sailboat carbon boom HALL RACING Hall Spars & rigging

Hall Racing Boom: The Hall racing boom is the all-around champion of competitive sailing. At...

Hall Spars & rigging HALL SEAMLESS
Sailboat carbon boom HALL SEAMLESS Hall Spars & rigging

Hall Seamless cruising booms, like our masts, are designed for maximum bluewater sailing performance. Lightweight, strong and reliable, a Hall boom is the perfect complement...

Hall Spars & rigging HALL OCEANFURL
Sailboat carbon boom HALL OCEANFURL Hall Spars & rigging

From cruising yachts to superyachts, the Hall Oceanfurl boom is the perfect combination of performance, convenience, and safety. Sophisticated and functional, its sleek carbon-fiber body and seamless...

Hall Spars & rigging
Carbon V boom for sailboats Hall Spars & rigging

The Hall V-Boom is a highly refined and stylish addition to any cruising yacht or superyacht, providing a simple alternative to complicated and heavy mainsail furling systems. This V-Boom, developed...

2 products Southern Spars
Southern Spars SOUTHERN
Sailboat in-boom furling system SOUTHERN Southern Spars

Two years in the making and Southern Spars Generation 2 Furling Boom is now out on the water. New Zealand built 51m performance sloop Kokomo 3 was the first superyacht to benefit from Southern’s...

Southern Spars VEELUX
Carbon V boom for sailboats VEELUX Southern Spars

Similar in application to the traditional Park Avenue Boom, the Veelux Boom offers a much deeper sail flaking cavity to almost...

Axxon Composites
Sailboat carbon boom Axxon Composites

All booms are built with pre-preg material cured in female...

Axxon Composites
Carbon V boom for sailboats Axxon Composites

AXXON manufactures 2 types of V booms : Canoe and Park Avenue. Very convenient for stocking the main sail, they improve the overall appearance of your boat. The canoe boom distinguish itself from the...

3 products Forespar
new video Forespar COASTAL
Sailboat in-boom furling system COASTAL Forespar

Heavy weather in-boom furling & reefing for sailboats 26’ - 35’ Maximum luff (P)=40’ Maximum foot (E)=14’ This powerful boom system incorporates...

video Forespar OFFSHORE
Sailboat aluminum in-boom furling system OFFSHORE Forespar

The smart choice - Worldwide recognized leader for in-boom systems for boats 33’ to 85’. There are over 3000 systems in use making passages all over the world’s oceans in all sea conditions. With over...

Forespar 40' / 45' / 55'
Vang 40' / 45' / 55' Forespar

The High Performance Spring-Loaded Mechanical Boom Vang Precision design in three sizes. Excellent vang/boom support for performance cruising and racing. White powder coated aluminum...

1 products Schaefer
Sailboat in-boom furling system Schaefer

Boom Furling system is only available through a trained technical group of installers...

1 products Rondal

Rondal design and manufacture booms in both carbon composite and aluminium, with a choice of three design/ operating systems: open-ended hydraulic rollaway boom, hydraulic rollaway slab reefing, and...

7 products Z-Spars
Sparcraft R.D.M.
Sparcraft R.D.M.

© Sparcraft...

Sparcraft R.D.M.
For furling mast Sparcraft R.D.M.

All our boom sections can be fitted to suit the...

Sparcraft R.D.M. OCEAN
Rigid vang OCEAN Sparcraft R.D.M.

Anodized sections & parts • Seaproofed...

1 products Lorima
Carbon V boom for sailboats LORIMA Lorima

Hooks automatic reef systems Built-in electric...

2 products ARTE - BAMAR
Electrical sailboat in-boom furling system BFBMESS ARTE - BAMAR

New line of electric motorizations for furling booms available for sailing yachts with indicative boom length from...

Hydraulic vang ARTE - BAMAR

Bamar hydraulic vang is safe and easy to use. Vang cylinders are equipped with an air-pressure piston rod release charged with...

1 products C-Tech
Sailboat carbon boom C-Tech

C-Tech manufacture a wide range of booms and boom sections...

1 products CST Composites
CST Composites
Sailboat carbon boom CST Composites

CST manufacture a wide range of standard and custom made booms for dinghies and skiffs, through to trailer...

3 products Offshore Spars
Offshore Spars PARK AVENUE
PARK AVENUE Offshore Spars

Park Avenue Booms The origins of this style boom date to J class yachts when sail handling challenges demanded novel solutions. Today, we offer strong, attractive, and practical mainsail handling solutions...

Offshore Spars STANDARD
Sailboat carbon boom STANDARD Offshore Spars

Standard Booms We can build a conventional boom to suit any need, whether economy cruising or all out racing. The...

Offshore Spars
Sailboat in-boom furling system Offshore Spars

Any time sail handling is a challenge furling booms are a great solution. An internal mandrel spins by either hydraulic or...

10 products Furlboom
video Furlboom JEANNEAU 39I
Sailboat in-boom furling system JEANNEAU 39I Furlboom

YSA Furling Systems is proud to have over 300 Furlbooms on the water worldwide....

Furlboom HUNTER 355
Sailboat in-boom furling system HUNTER 355 Furlboom

YSA Furling Systems is proud to have over 300 Furlbooms on the water worldwide....

Furlboom HUNTER 460
Sailboat in-boom furling system HUNTER 460 Furlboom

Some of the outstanding features of Furlboom - Lightweight, unobtrusive,...

Furlboom FEEDER
Sailboat in-boom furling system FEEDER Furlboom

Sail Feeder and Luff Track: The luff of the sail is fed into a self-guiding feeder utilizing Spinlock guides. A bolt rope in the luff...

Furlboom FURLED
Sailboat in-boom furling system FURLED Furlboom

Furling / Unfurling / Reefing:...


Furling / Unfurling / Reefing:...

1 products GMT
video GMT
Sailboat in-boom furling system GMT

New GMT in-boom furling system is light, sleek and incredibly neat GMT’s new in-boom roller-furling combines engineering refinement, weight reduction and aesthetics. Our carbon composite furling...

Formula Yacht Spars KLOSTERS 150 FT
Sailboat in-boom furling system KLOSTERS 150 FT Formula Yacht Spars

Refit project. Supplied new custom plate folded...

Formula Yacht Spars TUSITALA
Sailboat carbon rigging (mast, boom, spinnaker pole) TUSITALA Formula Yacht Spars

Tusitala Tusitala is a custom Goss 60, the project team needed to improve...

Formula Yacht Spars GROUP BEL
Sailboat carbon rigging (mast, boom, spinnaker pole) GROUP BEL Formula Yacht Spars

Group Bel Group Bel has a full carbon mast, boom and deck spreader package supplied by Formula France. The whole package has been proven to be world class with a close 2nd overall in last year’s premier...

Formula Yacht Spars
Sailboat carbon rigging (mast, boom, spinnaker pole) Formula Yacht Spars

A unique carbon lamination: combine cutting edge carbon technology with a traditional wood design. The 65 metre 3-masted schooner is a beautiful classic yacht, enhanced with modern technology. She...

1 products Jeckells
Sailboat in-boom furling system Jeckells

Sailtainer - the complete mainsail system.Sailtainer is an integrated mainsail system, providing safe and comfortable sailing in any weather. With Sailtainer, it is easy to hoist, furl and reef the mainsail...

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