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Seldén booms have a wealth of sophisticated features and can be equipped with a variety of reefing systems to suit different boats and the needs of different sailors. The booms can be fitted for traditional slab reefing or Single Line Reef, or be used for furling...

Seldén can also supply carbon booms that harmonise with its carbon mast range. Carbon booms offer weight savings of up to 35% compared to aluminium. This means that boom weight on a typical 35 ft boat is reduced from 30 kg to just 20 kg.
A lighter...


Similar in application to the traditional Park Avenue Boom, the Veelux Boom offers a much deeper sail flaking cavity to almost...


Max-Depth Boom: This boom is favored by the highest-end racing programs. The booms height is uniform,...

Tapered Max-Depth Boom: The Hall Tapered Max-Depth Boom is ideal for aggressive racing programs seeking the ultimate...

Hall Racing Boom: The Hall racing boom is the all-around champion of competitive sailing. At...

Hall Seamless cruising booms, like our masts, are designed for maximum bluewater sailing performance. Lightweight, strong and reliable, a Hall boom is the perfect complement to...

From cruising yachts to superyachts, the Hall Oceanfurl boom is the perfect combination of performance, convenience, and safety. Sophisticated and functional, its sleek carbon-fiber body and seamless carbon furling mandrel...


For over 30 years Nemo has been producing masts for sailing boats up to 30 metres long; this long experience in the sector has enabled us to optimise quality and, at the same time, the aesthetic element which characterises the product. Type 6061 Nedal alloy is used, the accessories are welded with a Tig controlled camber system,...


All booms are built with pre-preg material cured in female...

AXXON manufactures 2 types of V booms : Canoe and Park Avenue.
Very convenient for stocking the main sail, they improve the overall appearance of your boat.

The canoe boom distinguish itself from the Park Avenue through its floor, much lower, which allows to stock the full main sail inside the...


Hooks automatic reef systems
Built-in electric...


special booms



Rondal design and manufacture booms in both carbon composite and aluminium, with a choice of three design/ operating systems: open-ended hydraulic rollaway boom, hydraulic rollaway slab reefing, and Park Avenue.
NEW: Open-ended rollaway booms

The latest development in Rondal boom design and technology is an...


News 2009, these two profiles can equip boats up to...

News 2009, these two profiles can equip boats up...


This large carbon fiber boom for a Newick 42 trimaran is but one...


CST manufacture a wide range of standard and custom made booms for dinghies and skiffs, through to trailer...


Furling / Unfurling / Reefing:...


Park Avenue Booms

The origins of this style boom date to J class yachts when sail handling challenges demanded novel solutions. Today, we offer strong, attractive, and practical mainsail handling solutions with our Park...

Standard Booms

We can build a conventional boom to suit any need, whether economy cruising or all out racing....


C-Tech manufacture a wide range of booms and boom sections...


How to choose this product


A sailboat boom is a horizontal spar to which the foot of a sail is bent. The boom is attached to the lower part of the mast. NauticExpo offers a wide range of booms including V-shaped carbon fiber, aluminum roller furling and carbon roller furling.


The boom holds the foot of the sail fast during raising and lowering operations and facilitates its orientation as a function of course and wind direction. Some include roller mechanisms for furling and unfurling the sail, either within or around the boom.


The boom is attached to the mast via a gooseneck, which swivels horizontally and pivots vertically. The sail is bent to the boom at the tack and the clew. Materials vary with boat type. Racing craft often have carbon fiber versions.

How to choose

There is an enormous variety of booms. Choice will depend primarily on size and type of vessel, be it sailing dinghy, racer, cruiser or another craft.

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