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One-design sailboats are built in series to recognized class specifications. They allow sailors to match wits and abilities racing against identical boats.


These vessels are designed for one-design regattas, single-handed, in pairs or with a larger crew. They are fast and relatively easy to handle.


Since costs must remain reasonable if the design is to enjoy popularity, such craft are generally made of polyester fiberglass, rarely of carbon. They usual carry a lot of sail. Precise regulations detail the maximum and minimum dimensions of the various elements, and permissible post-construction modifications.

Well-known one-designs include Surprise, Grand Surprise, J80, Melges 24 ou 32, Longtze, RC44, SB20, Farr 40, Soto 40, Figaro and, more recently J70, which is expanding rapidly.

The strictness of the rules varies with class. They are designed to reduce expenditures, breathe new life into the various fleets and encourage competition on an equal footing. Some designs have spread throughout the world. The level is particularly high, and some of the world's best sailors are found in the most important one-design races.

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Determine the most widespread one-design classes in the area where you sail.

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4 products J-boats
video J-boats J/70
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design, lifting keel, bow-sprit) J/70 - 7m    23' 0" J-boats

The J/70 Speedster (22.75 feet) is J/Boats’ first ramp-launchable keelboat - designed to fulfill the growing need for an easy-to-own, high performance one-design...

video J-boats J/105
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design, bow-sprit) J/105 - 10,51m    34' 6" J-boats

When your home is near the water, J/105 may be your ideal sailboat. Count up the number of nights spent sleeping aboard and compare that to the number of picnic sails when you would have liked a larger,...

video J-boats J/109
Cruiser-racer sailboat (one-design, bow-sprit, 2 cabins) J/109 - 10,74m    35' 3" J-boats

Find out why hundreds of J/109 sailors simply "love" their boats. Perhaps one of the best racer/cruisers J/Boats ever built? History and time will tell. The record so far speaks for itself. Well-sailed,...

video J-boats J/111
Cruiser-racer sailboat (one-design) J/111 - 11,10m    36' 5" J-boats

Every now and then a new sailboat comes along that fulfills a real need in the market. Many of them have been J-Boats. Hot off the...

2 products J-boats Europe
video J-boats Europe J/70
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design, lifting keel, bow-sprit) J/70 - 6,93m    22' 9" J-boats Europe

The J/70 Speedster is J/Boats’ first ramp-launchable keelboat, designed to fulfil the growing need for an accessible, high performance one-design that is exciting to sail, as well as being stable enough...

J-boats Europe J/88
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design, bow-sprit) J/88 - 8,90m    29' 2" J-boats Europe

The J 88 comes from the same team, which designed the famous J 111 and J 70, a 29-foot boat that is the perfect size for a family ’speedster’. It combines all the assets of boats built by ’J Composites’:...

Bénéteau sailboats FIGARO II
Racing sailboat (one-design) FIGARO II - 10,15m    33' 4" Bénéteau sailboats

Here is "THE" monotype international racing solo and crew....

1 products Wally
Sailboat : racing sailing-yacht (one-design) OTTO RACER - 24m    78' 9" Wally

As part of an elite one-design racing fleet, Wally//Otto...

2 products Archambault
Racing sailboat (one-design) GRAND SURPRISE - 9,54m    31' 4" Archambault

With its sleek waterline and slim deep bow and stern, the Grand Surprise is designed for fast sailing. It tends to...

Archambault SURPRISE
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design) SURPRISE - 7,65m    25' 1" Archambault

With a good speed at all points of sail, very responsive to the helm and...

3 products Melges
video Melges E SCOW
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design) E SCOW - 8,53m    28' 0" Melges

For more than 80 years, the elegant and sleek E Scow has founded the tradition of fun and fast sailboat racing all over North America, from lakes and bays to protected ocean harbors. The ever-growing...

video Melges C SCOW
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design) C SCOW - 6,10m    20' 0" Melges

The C Scow was the first class of scow built by Harry C. Melges, Sr. in 1945; it quickly became an all-time speed favorite. The 2014 Melges...

video Melges MC SCOW
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design) MC SCOW - 4,88m    16' 0" Melges

As one of the largest fleets in North America, the Melges MC Scow® is a true Melges original. Designed, engineered and built by Harry C. Melges Sr. and Buddy Melges during the mid-’60s, it continues...

1 products Ovington
Ovington LARK
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design) LARK - 4,10m    13' 5" Ovington

The Lark is a one design class with the rules catering for a choice of many fittings, foils and sails. The boat is suited to a wide range of crew weights, typically from 18 to 25 stone (115 - 155kg)....

1 products Maxi Yachts
Maxi Yachts MAXI SM 40
Racing sailboat (one-design) MAXI SM 40 - 12m    39' 4" Maxi Yachts

Technical overview : . LOA 12,00 m . LWL 9,60...

1 products McConaghy
McConaghy MC38
Racing sailboat (one-design) MC38 - 11,35m    37' 3" McConaghy

The MC38 raises high performance one design yacht racing to a new level. Designed by four-time America’s Cup...

video Rondar Raceboats VIPER 640
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design, lifting keel, bow-sprit) VIPER 640 - 6,40m    21' 0" Rondar Raceboats

FUN FAST EASY AND AFFORDABLE The perfect one design performance race boat. It combines the...

Rondar Raceboats K6
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design, lifting keel, bow-sprit) K6 - 5,80m    19' 0" Rondar Raceboats

Innovative from the very start, the design concept was for 2 or 3 crew sailing a fast, easily driven hull, offering exhilarating sailing. It had to be physically easy to sail and stayed upright. It needed...

Open Sailing Inc Open 5.70
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design, lifting keel, bow-sprit) Open 5.70 - 5,70m    18' 8" Open Sailing Inc

The goal of a small sportboat is to bring exciting one-design racing to the masses. Most people know that the key of this type of racing is that everyone is competing in the same conditions on the exact...

2 products Sydney Yachts
Sydney Yachts 32 ONE DESIGN
Cruiser-racer sailboat (one-design) 32 ONE DESIGN - 9,63m    31' 7" Sydney Yachts

The Sydney 32 One Design promotes the popularity of one-design racing in a yacht which the entire family can enjoy. Designed to be fast, exciting, easy to handle and seaworthy, the Sydney 32OD appeals...

video Sydney Yachts 38 ONE DESIGN
Cruiser-racer sailboat (one-design) 38 ONE DESIGN - 11,60m    38' 1" Sydney Yachts

The Sydney 38 One Design delivers one-design sailing at its best. Whether competing for the thrill of grand-prix style racing or for the enjoyment of sailing amongst friends in club organised events,...

video Premier Composite Technologies FARR 400
Racing sailboat (one-design) FARR 400 - 12,18m    40' 0" Premier Composite Technologies

PCT collaborated with Farr Yacht Design to design and build the next generation, all carbon, one design 40ft racer. The FARR 400 was engineered to push the boundaries of modern design and utilise the...

Hobie Cat Europe OPEN 5.70
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design, lifting keel, bow-sprit) OPEN 5.70 - 5,70m    18' 8" Hobie Cat Europe

The Open 5.70 is designed for sailors who have enjoyed exhilarating surfing on dinghies or catamarans and want to once again find the same sensations on a small keelboat. Stark, simple and well manufactured,...

1 products RS Sailing
video RS Sailing RS ELITE
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design) RS ELITE - 7,40m    24' 3" RS Sailing

The RS Elite combines beautiful handling, tactical racing and performance A real sailor’s keelboat equally at home fleet or handicap racing Great Class events and hugely enthusiastic owners combine...

LDC Racing Sailboats RS ELITE
Sailboat : racing keelboat (one-design) RS ELITE - 7,40m    24' 3" LDC Racing Sailboats

The RS Elite combines beautiful handling, tactical racing and performance A real sailor’s keelboat equally at home fleet or handicap racing Great Class events and hugely enthusiastic owners...

1 products SL Performance
SL Performance SL33
One-design racing catamaran (sailboat) SL33 - 10m    32' 10" SL Performance

The SL33 has been designed, engineered and built to: Be the fastest boat under 40 feet Capture trophies at all major open regattas worldwide Be the boat of choice for one-design multihull fleet and...

Sparcraft R.D.M. ONE DESIGN
Racing sailboat mast ONE DESIGN Sparcraft R.D.M.

One design range is the category for the large one-design boats series. Widespread in the USA, with boats such as the Etchells 22 or J24, which have also been growing over...

1 products Brasker Masten
Brasker Masten  ONE DESIGN
Classic sailboat mast ONE DESIGN Brasker Masten

12 voets jol • 16 m2 • 22 m2 • 30 m2 • DN •...

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