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Sailboat furler / mainsail / electrical

In-mast Electric Mainsail...

Sailboat furler / mainsail / hydraulic

Bamar has been manufacturing mainsail...

Sailboat furler / mainsail / electrical / boom

boom furling motorization Line of electric motorizations for...

Sailboat furler / mainsail

Features: The new patented spanker...

How to choose this product


The mainsail furler rolls the mainsail around itself inside the mainmast. NauticExpo offer different mainsail furlers including electric and hydraulic models.


The primary function of the mainsail furler is to roll the mainsail within the mainmast.


When tension is applied to a cylinder within the mast, the mainsail is furled by rolling around itself. Some furlers use small electric or hydraulic motors for automatic furling. These are used primarily for large mainsails.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the size of the sail and of the mast.


- Rapid mainsail furling and unfurling
- Convenient


- Requires maintenance
- Requires thicker mast
- Difficult to reef the mainsail

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