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cruising-racing sailboat / lifting keel - FIRST 25

Optimising both security and performance, the 2015 First 25, is as manoeuvrable and easy to sail as ever. The aerodynamic design...

cruising sailboat / lifting keel - FIRST 20

Optimising both security and performance, the 2015 First 20 are as manoeuvrable...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins / lifting keel - J/108

Many have asked whether it was possible to combine the expansive cruising capabilities of shoal-draft cruising boats with legendary J/Boats offshore performance. Why not have it all if modern technology permits one to design a boat that can cruise the Bahamas Banks, the shoals of the Keys and the long, beautiful estuaries of the Chesapeake or the eastern/western shores of England...

ocean cruising sailboat / aluminium / lifting keel - ALLURES 39.9

The Allures 39.9 is a lifting keel yacht with aluminium hull and composite superstructure. Created from very strict specifications and prepared on the basis of feedback from numerous circumnavigators, this vessel brings together all the characteristics...

cruising sailboat / aluminium / lifting keel - ALLURES 45

Four key words have guided our work in designing this new model. Nearly seven years after the Allures 44, it is still innovation that enables us to further extend the yesterday compromises. For us, the Allures 45 represents the quintessence of the modern bluewater sailing yacht.


cruising sailboat / lifting keel - 21.7 E

Length overall 7.0 m
Hull length 650.0 m
Beam 2.5 m
Draft 1.3 m
Min. draft 0.32 m
Displacement 1250.0...

cruising sailboat / lifting keel - 21.7 E

Length overall 5.3 m
Waterline length 5.0 m
Beam 2.0 m
Draft 1.2 m

cruising sailboat / aluminium / lifting keel - OVNI 365

The Ovni 365, the benjamin of the Ovni range, but also the first Ovni designed...

cruising sailboat / aluminium / lifting keel - OVNI 395

Smooth and accurate helm control will tell you a lot about its capacities on the water : both stiff sails and upwind performance, you have...

cruising sailboat / aluminium / lifting keel - OVNI 445

On the market of long trips yachts, the OVNI 445 is possibly the best expression of quality manufacturing and of naval architecture progress from ALUBAT : more performance, more elegance and more comfort,...

cruising sailboat / aluminium / lifting keel - Garcia Exploration 45

Jimmy Cornell, the doyen of world cruising, has chosen GARCIA YACHTING to build his new yacht to confront the challenges of the Northwest Passage.

Jimmy Cornell, best-selling nautical author, founder of the ARC and organiser of several round the world rallies, is preparing for a voyage that promises to be the culmination of his sailing life. During the summer of 2014, Jimmy Cornell will...

cruising sailboat / lifting keel - POGO 10.50

Length: 10.50m
Max beam: 3.90m
Lifting keel: 2.80m / 1.05m

cruising sailboat / lifting keel - POGO 12.50

Length overall: 12.50m
Length hull: 12.18m
Max beam: 4.50m
Fixed keel: 2.20m

cruising sailboat / lifting keel - POGO 50

Length: 15.20m
Max beam: 5.15m
Draft: 1.50m / 3.50m
Displacement: 8.90t

cruising-racing sailboat / lifting keel - 210

Elan 210 is the ideal solution for aficionados with serious passion for sailing, but who do not want to sacrifice ail their spare time or budget on one sport, hobby or vacation type alone. Designed for maximum ease-of-use and ease-of-ownership, while ensuring superior...

classic sailboat / lifting keel - 22

The Cornish Crabber 22 is the next logical step up from the Cornish Shrimper. Staying with the shallow draft, lifting keel theme, the Cornish Crabber 22 is easily managed with a simple gaff cutter sail plan. The headsails on the Cornish Crabber 22 are individually the same size as that on the shrimper which makes them easy to trim without the...

cruising sailboat / lifting keel - ADVENTURE 26

If 6'2" standing headroom is required and longer term adventures are your goal then the Adventure 26 is the ideal boat. A very simple to handle Bermudan rig allows quick passage making and low maintenance / down time. A separate forward cabin with...

classic sailboat / lifting keel - DS42

The Old World elegance of the Hinckley DS42 is immediately apparent in her 13...

racing sailboat / lifting keel - M34

In collaboration with Joubert-Nivelt-Mercier...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins / lifting keel - 26

The Delphia 26 demonstrates good pace and is responsive to the helm yet remains stable in both light and heavy conditions...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins / lifting keel - 28

The Delphia 28 is built on the proven characteristics of Delphia 26 and as a result is one of the fastest yachts available in...

cruising-racing sailboat / lifting keel / custom / Farr design - BALTIC 44 TALISMAN

A performance cruising yacht developed and built for a North American owner. The design of this 44 footer...

cruising sailboat / lifting keel - GEKKO

This project is the result of collaboration with an interior design company, Corrado Bevacqua’s CoBeDesign studio in Montecarlo. A special boat has been created, not just from the design point of view but also in terms of easy manoeuvring and sailing with a smaller crew - easy sailing.

cruising-racing sailboat / open transom / lifting keel - COMET 26 S

The Comet 26 is Sergio Lupoli’s brainchild and aims to complete Comar Yachts’ small boat range. The goal of the Fiumicino Yard is in fact to offer a series of yachts that are small but are excellently built. The sporty, high-performance and fun gamut includes the Comet 21, 26 and 30. The C26 is a part of this range built by Comar Poland, the shipyard Comar Yachts has...

cruising sailboat / lifting keel - WATSON 33

Elementary my dear Watson ..... who was a doctor…. The name of this boat is an allusion, but is at the same time the justification of its...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins / lifting keel - MALANGO 888

Malango 888 is primarily a pleasure boat, designed both for use as a day-boat or for a Transquadra...

The designer Pierre ROLLAND has designed a new hull : the main changes in Malango 888 compared to her predecessor are a new hull with a double evolving chine in order to gain power and living space, a raised freeboard of 5 cm in order to have more headroom, a double sleeping rear, rudders...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins / lifting keel - MALANGO 999

The Malango 999 is an unique cruise sailboat, innovative and welcoming, fun and decidedly marine, unsinkable, designed for a demanding owner ...

The Malango 999 project has been...

classic sailboat / lifting keel - PUFFIN® CLASSIC 27'

The retractable bowsprit allows the deployment of a large gennaker (52m²), while the lifting keel enables cruising in shallow waters....


How to choose this product


A lifting keel sailboat has a system for raising its keel, allowing it to sail in very shallow waters.


This type of keel is a major advantage for exploratory forays up a river or for sailing areas of the globe where shallow water is prevalent, as in the Bahamas.


These keels contain lead or other ballast. If not, they are known as centerboards. Thus, the boat will be self-righting only when the keel is down. This means the vessel should not be sailed with the keel raised because its center of gravity is too high for stability. It may proceed under power with its keel up for entering or leaving port or an anchorage, or for traveling inland waterways.

These keels can be pivoting or slide up and down within a trunk. The operating system may use hydraulics, pneumatic power, a worm gear, a rack or an electric or manual winch.


- Shallow-water access with reduced draft
- Good keel-down upwind performance


- Requires heavy, complex machinery
- Keel trunk is bulky
- Little stability when the keel is up

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