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The J/70 Speedster is J/Boats' first ramp-launchable keelboat, designed to fulfil the growing need for an accessible, high performance one-design that is exciting to sail, as well as being stable enough for family outings and built to last. The J/70 is a reliable and safe sportsboat.

Performance is also an integral part of the J/70 concept and its light 795 kg displacement...

J/95 restores an American yachting tradition, dating back to the 1800’s, of fast centerboarders that were as much at home navigating shoal inland waters as they were crossing oceans. Remember the Baltimore Clippers? As late as the 1960’s, centerboarders dominated offshore racing under the Cruising Club of America (CCA) Rating Rule. Carlton...


High freeboard, a raised boom and sturdy FRP construction make the new Hunter 15 daysailer a safe, versatile boat that both familes and greenhorn sailors will love. Designed...


Made in the same spirit as the popular Open 5.70, the Open 5.00 is fast, easy to handle and exciting...

The Open 5.70 is designed for sailors who have enjoyed exhilarating surfing on dinghies or catamarans and want to once...


Optimising both security and performance, the 2015 First 25, is as manoeuvrable and easy to sail as ever. The aerodynamic design...

Optimising both security and performance, the 2015 First 20 are as manoeuvrable...


The J/70 Speedster (22.75 feet) is J/Boats' first ramp-launchable keelboat - designed to fulfill the growing need for an easy-to-own, high performance one-design...

Many have asked whether it was possible to combine the expansive cruising capabilities of shoal-draft cruising boats with legendary J/Boats offshore performance. Why not have it all if modern technology permits one to design a boat that can cruise the Bahamas Banks, the shoals of the Keys and the long, beautiful estuaries of the Chesapeake or the eastern/western shores of England...


The OVNI 46 Evolution, developed by Nicolas Père and the Cabinet HT2′ , complete the OVNI Evolution range:

Faithfull to the spirit of...

ALUBATS experience in centerboarders and Marc Lombard’s reputation with performance have...

The smooth and accurate helm control will say a lot for its nautical qualities: remaining both stiff in a breeze and efficient in performance,...

On the large boat market for travelling, the OVNI 445 is the best expression of quality manufacturing and ALUBATS progress of naval architecture; more performance, more elegance and comfort, and always...


Length overall 7.8 m
Hull length 7.35 m

The well-proven trailer yacht for the entire family.

The constructor, who has already been the force behind many thousand manufactures sailing yachts, knows how to combine sailing properties...

Length overall 7.0 m
Hull length 650.0 m
Beam 2.5 m
Draft 1.3 m
Min. draft 0.32 m
Displacement 1250.0...

The well-proven trailer yacht

Deltania 21 E is very simple and quick to rig up. With optional gateways for...

The homely touring yacht for the entire family!

Starting from 2012, the Deltania 26 E is one of the New Boats in the offer of DELTANIA YACHTS GmbH.

Not only is the highly attractive interior appealing, but the build quality is also...


40ft high performance expedition sailing vessel built for the high...


Designed by naval architects Joubert and Nivelt, and produced in accordance with the shipyards construction...


The very first Day Sailer in the brand’s history, the Optio incorporates all the Wauquiez hallmark features: as all the models within the other ranges,...


The Brezza 22 is a holiday cruising sailboat for the whole family. Easy to trailer with a medium size car. It is a practical boat in as much as it enables one to reach beaches and coves, due to it's low minimum draft of (22cm), where other larger sailboats cannot. The cockpit is generous and ergonomic and can comfortably seat four (4) people....


We’re proud to present a brand new product: N Fun 30 which is built using advanced technologies like vacuum infusion, carbon rigging, membrane sails. This sailing boat is an effect of many years of experience in regatta by Marek Stanczyk (repeatedly Master of Poland and the winner of World Cup regattas in match-racing).


We’re proud to present a brand new product: N Fun 30 which is built using advanced technologies like vacuum infusion, carbon rigging, membrane sails. This sailing boat is an effect of many years of experience in regatta by Marek Stanczyk (repeatedly Master of Poland and the winner of World Cup regattas in match-racing).



The Esse 850 was launched in spring 2004. The idea behind the concept was to produce a sporty sailing boat with above average performance but still easy to handle. The central idea of the concept was to create a pure sailing experience in windy as well as light conditions whether sailed...


The Elan E1, dubbed “the pocket rocket”, was designed for maximum ease-of-use and ease-of-ownership, while ensuring superior sailing performance associated with her bigger siblings, the E1 offers a new concept of ownership. Minimizing every stage of preparation for a sailing vacation, a number of innovative solutions enable you to pack, drive and sail in no time....

Elan has taken the popular E range and enhanced these yachts for greater performance achieved by weight reduction in the hull and deck construction which results in an enhanced performance sailing yacht....


Main features
length 14 m
width 4,10...


A performance cruising yacht developed and built for a North American owner. The design of this 44 footer is from Bruce Farr´s office, designed...


In collaboration with Joubert-Nivelt-Mercier Design office, we have been elected in a strongly fighted contest...

Designed for racing or coastal cruising, the Sprinto is easy to trailer by road to enable you to frequently change your cruising grounds. Just two people are...


How to choose this product


A lifting keel sailboat has a system for raising its keel, allowing it to sail in very shallow waters.


This type of keel is a major advantage for exploratory forays up a river or for sailing areas of the globe where shallow water is prevalent, as in the Bahamas.


These keels contain lead or other ballast. If not, they are known as centerboards. Thus, the boat will be self-righting only when the keel is down. This means the vessel should not be sailed with the keel raised because its center of gravity is too high for stability. It may proceed under power with its keel up for entering or leaving port or an anchorage, or for traveling inland waterways.

These keels can be pivoting or slide up and down within a trunk. The operating system may use hydraulics, pneumatic power, a worm gear, a rack or an electric or manual winch.


- Shallow-water access with reduced draft
- Good keel-down upwind performance


- Requires heavy, complex machinery
- Keel trunk is bulky
- Little stability when the keel is up

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