compact thruster / stern / bow / for boats
compact thruster

Power: 11 kW - 63 kW

... operation. The thruster housing, propeller and shafting are precision manufactured in AISI 316 Stainless Steel for the highest in marine corrosion resistance. The working pressure region of In Line Bow Thrusters ...

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stern thruster / for boats
stern thruster
QA 400 E

Thrust: 70 daN
Power: 5 kW

Description: ​ Mounting only 80 mm below the waterline with only four screws Power supply through a hole of only 60 mm in the ship's hull Housing is made of solid aluminum, laminated and coated with antifouling Electric motor in ...

stern thruster / for boats / electric / tunnel type
stern thruster

Thrust: 57.9 daN
Power: 4 kW

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bow thruster / for ships / electric
bow thruster
CP 40 / CP 50 / CP 90

Thrust: 40, 90, 50 daN
Power: 3.7, 2.3, 7 kW

CP 40 Specially developed for ships with a length to 10 m. The battery voltage is 12 Volt. This model can be used in almost any ship. CP 50 With it’s thrust capacity of at least 50 kg, the CP 50 can be installed in ships up to ...

stern thruster / for barges / hydraulic / external
stern thruster
Barge Tsunami Hydraulic Thruster with Tilt

Power: 75 kW - 224 kW

Bracket-Mounted Hydraulic Thrusters with Tillt (1800-11000 foot pounds of thrust) Versatile and powerful, these bracket-mounted marine thruster units are easily installed to accommodate both vessel ...

bow thruster / for ships / tunnel type
bow thruster

Thrust: 17.7 kN - 451 kN
Power: 115 kW - 3,050 kW

The controllable pitch propeller-type Model TCT is a high-performance tunnel-type thruster. It provides good maneuverability because the direction and scale of thrust can be changed by controlling the blade angle of the ...

bow thruster / for sailing superyachts / hydraulic / retractable
bow thruster

Power: 35 kW - 110 kW

... For small capacities up to 35kW we supply a bowthruster containing a hydraulic motor in a watertight casing pod within the thruster tube. It is particularly well-suited to smaller inland waterways. For larger capacities ...

azimuth thruster / bow / for ships / hydraulic
azimuth thruster

Power: 150 kW - 5,500 kW

Retractable tunnel thrusters inherit all the benefits of a typical tunnel thruster application such as docking, slow speed maneuvering, emergency steering and station keeping at zero or slow forward speed ...

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lateral thruster / for ships
lateral thruster

The thrusters are most commonly used during the mooring process to obtain greater accuracy.