Honeycomb panels

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Water filtration honeycomb panel

The nidaplast honeycombs are cellular structures with an 8 mm...

Polypropylene honeycomb panel

The nidapan® honeycombs are cellular...

Aluminum honeycomb panel

The finished nidalite® panels are made of aluminium...

Polypropylene honeycomb panel

The nidaskin® finished...

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Honeycomb material has an alveolar structure which is light and compression-resistant. It represents a good alternative to PVC foam.


This material is used in the marine industry primarily as the core of a laminate sandwich for hull and deck construction. It also can be found in interior features.


Aramid, polycarbonate, Nomex®, Kevlar®, polypropylene and even aluminum and other materials, each with its particular properties, are used to make honeycomb structures. For example, Nomex® is used in the great majority of American's Cup vessels and in ORMA-class trimarans. The material is usually resin-impregnated for subsequent use in a composite sandwich.


- Highly compression-resistant
- Very light alveolar structure


- Certain types very expensive
- Deteriorates when wet

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