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expanding foam / epoxy - AMPREG F230-1

¬ Expanding epoxy system
¬ Density 150 - 300kg/m3
¬ Uses Ampreg 21 hardeners
¬ Good mechanical and thermal properties
¬ Excellent adhesion to substrates
¬ Three components for flexibility and storage stability


decoration foam / expansive / for cables and pipes / fire-rated -


This system allows the sealing of holes...

sound-proofing foam - Lamapro Acoustic Barrier

Lamapro Acoustic Barrier is a high performance flexible sound insulation barrier that provides both noise reduction and anti-resonant properties.

When used in combination with acoustic absorbents...

sound-proofing foam - Lamapro VibraStop Damping Sheet

Lamapro Damping Sheet is a high performance visco-elastic damping sheet designed to dramatically reduce noise produced by resonant vibrations in sheet metal structures and fabrications usually associated...

sound-proofing foam - Lamapro A Series

Lamapro A' Series acoustic foam is a flexible open cell material offering durability and excellent...

sound-proofing foam - Lamapro FOF-AX

Foil Faced acoustic composite for OEM noise control applications. Provides a durable Class 0 fire rated finish.


sound-proofing foam - Lamapro Melamine M Series

Lamapro 'M' Series acoustic foam is a high temperature flexible light-weight melamine resin based acoustic foam with a fine open cell structure offering excellent sound absorbing qualities.


sound-proofing foam - COMPOSITI


It’s about products obtained by connecting of two or more layers of polyuretanic flex foam (using fonox as strting point) with a lead sheet or a compact...

expanding foam / epoxy - PB 170, PB 250, PB 400 & PB 600 / DM 0

The PB 170 / DM 0x, PB 250 / DM 0x, PB 400 / DM 0x & PB 600 / DM 0x systems are two part epoxy formulations which produce closed cell low density foams.
The densities obtained are respectively about 170, 250, 400 and 600 kg / m3 (open mould expansion)
The resulting foam...

expanding foam / epoxy - PB 270 I / PB 370 I / PB 570 I

The PB 270 i / DM 0x, PB 370 i / DM 0x & PB 570 i / DM 0x systems are two part epoxy formulations which produce fireproof closed cell low density foams.
The densities obtained are respectively about 270...

expanding foam / epoxy - PB 270 I / PB 370 I / PB 570 I

Poly-U-Foam is urethane foam that provides excellent flotation, soundproofing or insulation....

sound-proofing foam - SANDORA

The comfortable, isolating wall and ceiling covering

The surface of SANDORA is soft like velvet. Its warm brilliance creates a cozy atmosphere in your yacht. The material also resists intensive demands.
SANDORA soft and elegant


sound-proofing foam - W 50

Besides providing excellent acoustic characteristics dealing with all frequencies the sealed surface of W 50 allows it to be dirt-repelling and attractive. The performance and durability of the foam compared to other foams which are non-sealed is much better.

Attractive and distinctive appearance

sound-proofing foam - 26 D

Sound 26 D is an innovation to fight noises of all kind. The material consists of a closed-cell PE-foam which can be applied in many different sectors.

Fire behaviour: DIN 4102 - B 1
Temperature resistance: -30° C to...

thermal insulation foam - ISOTHERM-MAT

The ISOTHERM-Mat is made of 100% polyethylene foam plastic and it hardly absorbs dampness (less than 4%). Due to its little thermal conductivity (approx. 0.038 W/mK at 0°C - DIN 52612) the ISOTHERM-Mat is an ideal wall...

thermal insulation foam - DILANA

The insulating wall and ceiling covering

DILANA consists of 3 layers: A high quality velour surface-layer, an insulating foam rubber layer and a locknit layer. This exclusive composition creates a noble impression. Not only does it look luxurious but...

thermal insulation foam - DILANA

Acoustic Carpet Underlayment is an important part of a boat's sound reduction package. This easy to install product can be used at any point in the insulation process. Carpet underlayment is effective as a primary treatment for living areas of the boat, such as solons...

sound-proofing foam - VINYL

SOUNDOWN S Vinyl/Foam composite insulation is an effective treatment for airborne noise that radiates from engines, and other machinery. The standard composite consists of a layer of mass loaded vinyl sandwiched between two layers of polyether fire retardant foam covered by a thin attractive vapor barrier facing.The composite is designed and manufactured...

sound-proofing foam - OPEN CELL

Soundown offers the highest quality acoustical foam product available today. Our acoustical

sound-proofing foam - SOUNDAC BM2040ALU

Soundac BM2040alu is vinyl sound barrier mat combined with a sound absorbing...

sound-proofing foam - SOUNDAC AS

Soundac AS is an oil and water resistant polyure-thane foam with a barrier film of 0,025 mm.

In this product range we...

sound-proofing foam - SOUNDAC ASM

Soundac ASM is a sound absorbing foam, based on melamine with...

sound-proofing foam - EGG


Soundac convoluted foam is a sound absorbing polyurethane foam with an open cell structure. Soundac convoluted foam can be used as a sound...

sound-proofing foam - EGG

When mixed, System Three Flotation Foam undergoes a chemical reaction that produces polyurethane foam in...

sound-proofing foam - POLYDAMP® ETHER

Polydamp® Acoustical Foam Ether Type

Polydamp Acoustical Foam (PAF) is an acoustical grade, open cell, flexible ether based urethane foam designed...

sound-proofing foam - POLYDAMP® ESTER

Polydamp® Acoustical Foam Ester Type

Polydamp® Acoustical Foam (PAFS) is an open cell, flexible polyester based acoustical grade, polyurethane foam designed...

mold manufacturing foam - MOULDFOAM®

MouldFoam® has been developed and produced for the production of models, prototypes and industrial moulds. The material shows an excellent workability,...

thermal insulation foam - CRIOFOAM®

CrioFoam® is a structural foam characterized by a low thermal conductivity, due to the special formulation and type of of expanding agents, which permits energy savings of up to 20%. The foams are composed of polymeric...

thermal insulation foam - CRIOFOAM®

Our acoustical insulation composites are designed to control, dampen, direct and/or eliminate noise. These composite include...

expanding foam / epoxy - 2010 M25

RESOLTECH 2010M25 is an epoxy foaming system formulated to fill voids and create a structural...

expanding foam / epoxy - 2080M25

RESOLTECH 2080 M25 is a liquid foaming epoxy casting system formulated to produce low density, closed cell, strutural cores. The...

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