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17 products Gems Sensors
Gems Sensors FS-600
For ships FS-600 Gems Sensors

The FS-600 series flow switch uses proven thermal dispersion technology to provide a robust no moving parts flow switch even without...

Gems Sensors FS-380
Alloy piston for ships FS-380 Gems Sensors

These rugged inline flow switches use 100 micron filtration and are less susceptible to clogging than other...

Gems Sensors FS-480 SERIES
Alloy piston for ships FS-480 SERIES Gems Sensors

The FS-480 large-body inline flow switch delivers ample flow rates with minimal pressure drop. 25% larger than its FS-380 sibling, the FS-480 is ideal for processes that push more fluid through...

Gems Sensors FS-925 SERIES
Alloy piston for ships FS-925 SERIES Gems Sensors

This series of precision-calibrated switches provide reliable and consistent performance; repeatability is within 1%. FS-925 units are...

Gems Sensors FS-926 SERIES
Alloy piston for ships FS-926 SERIES Gems Sensors

These switches provide accurate detection of excessive or insufficient flow rates in such applications as: protecting against loss of fluid flow in hydraulic...

Gems Sensors FS-927 SERIES
Alloy piston for ships FS-927 SERIES Gems Sensors

Measuring only 1" x 2-3/4" (25 mm-70 mm), these compact switches are ideal for use where...

1 products TANKTECH

Shut On / Off Valve...

2 products AQUALARM
For ships for engine cooling circuits AQUALARM

Monitors Marine Engine Raw Water Flow to prevent engine damage due to overheating. Activates a visual or audibile device immediately whenever raw water flow is stopped or impeded. It is a two wire, non-...

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