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Quadrofoil is a thrilling, yet quiet and eco-friendy watercraft. Its silent motor and zero emissions enable it to ride on lakes, rivers, seas & eco-zones where most motor boats and PWCs are not allowed. No noise, no waves,...

Quadrofoil is a thrilling, yet quiet and eco-friendy watercraft. Its silent motor and zero emissions enable it to ride on lakes, rivers, seas & eco-zones where most motor boats and PWCs are not allowed. No noise, no waves,...


4 person all electric boat with a Minn Kota Riptide 55# thrust Electric Motor

This model converts the Encore to a true all electric boat. The elimination...


Length overall 5,49 m
Beam overall 1,88 m
Draft 0,3 m
Electric inboard...


Lindvart OÜ, an innovative boat-builder from Saaremaa, has fineshed designing and building a innovative electric boat



Going green couldn’t be easier! This battery-powered alternative cruiser is whisper quiet and...


The 15’ Lightning Bug has been considered the jewel of electric boats ever since we started making them in 1987. The Lightning Bug offers comfortable seating for four adults and a wide variety of options. Each boat is handcrafted and customized to meet your individual needs. While the boat was primarily designed for sheltered waters, it is surprisingly seaworthy in the event of a quick...

Length overall: 21’ 6", Length at waterline: 20’ 10"
Beam: 6’ 1"
Draft: 1’ 7"
Freeboard: 1’ 10" (midship)
Cockpit Length: 9’ 3"
Power: 4.8 Kw (7 HP), 48Volt Battery Banks: Main: (4) 4D 210 Ahr, Reserve: (4) G31 105 Ahr Seating: Cockpit: 6-8 adults, Optional Mother-in-Law seat: 1-3 children



This design features a traditional Senegal Fishing Canoe, propelled by an 8 kW electric motor.The Batteries can be charged on shore, or on board...


19 Foot Elco Electric Launch

For comfort, safety, roominess, simplicity, cleanliness, for everything, in a word,...

30 Foot Elco Electric Launch

The 30' Fantail Launch combines the traditional elegance of the...


The new, premium LEAR204 represents a hallmark breakthrough in design, function, style, comfort and performance. This meticulously crafted electric boat is created from the hull up to meet the Lear standard of luxury, practicality and reliability. Our proprietary retractable hardtop is an example of our commitment to...


hull: Optional length to 3.3m.

The Riverette offers a choice of two drives. The ‘Impeller System’ is totally incorporated in the hull and above the hull...


Extend your family room leisure beyond the shore to the tranquility of the water, with an ElectraCraft 14LS. Even on this highly affordable model, you will enjoy the classic styling of the Lapstrake hull design, the durability of Sunbrella upholstery and all of the same stylish comforts and superior amenities of all of our models. The standard fully retractable canopy...

The 18lsr18LS Woody convertible model is the result of the latest in marine construction materials technology, paired with the look of a classic wood hull lake cruiser. All the elegance of classic lines, with eco-friendly, whisper-quiet propulsion and very low maintenance for the hull and topsides. Up to date, thoroughly modern design pioneered by ElectraCraft highlights the comfortable interior....


With an environmentally friendly electric motor fitted the Electra 312 is a perfect choice...


Length: 18' - 5"
Beam: 7' - 10"
Draft: 30"

Length: 21' - 0"
Beam: 7' - 3"
Draft: 26"


The SOL 10 is a unique solar experience on water. It is a small catamaran made of fibre glass suitable for 4 persons. A solar module arching over the boat creates comfortable shade and generates power of 210 Wp for charging up the batteries. Its easy handling and diversity make it an ideal boat for all...


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An electric open boat is an undecked vessel propelled by an electric motor.

These craft are used essentially for calm-water outings on rivers, lakes and lagoons. Their silent propulsion makes them particularly well-suited for fishing and wildlife photography.

Such vessels have no deck. Inboard models have the motor in a hold, along with the batteries, though there are also electric outboards. They usually have seats and a Bimini, hard top or other shelter to protect passengers from sun or rain. Wood, fiberglass, carbon and other materials are used to build these boats. Their small dimensions limit motor size and power, especially given the significant additional weight of the batteries.

- Silent
- No fuel required

- Limited range
- Day use only
- Limited lifespan and weight of batteries

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