outboard small boat / electric / sport / 2-place



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    2.99 m (9'09")


Unlike his "little brother", the Q2S offers you more power and speeds up to incredible 40 km/h (21knots). It takes just over 5 m (16 ft.) to get airborne and start flying. A 5.5 kW state-of-the art engine paired with two 5.2 kWh batteries give you an amazing reach of up to 80 km, making the Q2S one of the most energy efficient watercrafts on the market with average operational costs well below 1 € per hour.

Zero Emission. Plenty of Excitement.

Quadrofoil is 100 % electrically powered by a very reliable industry standard battery with an integrated battery management system (BMS), which optimizes usage and charging. Together with our own, special electric motor, it delivers exceptional performance and plenty of excitement - without releasing any emissions.

The revolution is here
Every aspect of the Q2 was designed to give you a never before seen performance. So we need an electric motor that could go reach even higher and change the game. The result is one of the most advanced electric motors on the market that offers a totally new and exhilarating driving experience, which delivers an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride.

Ultimate power supply
The Q2S is powered by two industry standard lithium-ion batteries with an integrated battery management system, which is designed to give you optimum power from the beginning to the end. Batteries can be easily charged using your standard 110V or 220V socket and a special charger provided by Quadrofoil

Unmatched performance and control
The patented steering system allows the driver to turn all four foils (rear foils turn opposite of the front foils) which keeps the vessel horizontal and ensures stability at all times.