outboard small boat / electric / 2-place / hydrofoil
Q2S Limited Edition



  • Motor type:


  • Power source:


  • Number of places:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    3 m (9'10")


Our Q2S Electric Limited Edition transcends the boundaries of sleek design and unmatchable technological features. It was the first watercraft we have presented on the market in a limited production amount of only 100 units, which were sold out within a few months.

Do not think it's just an upgrade of his twin brother the Quadrofoil Q2S Electric, it's got a soul of its own!
The one of kind golden-black color scheme will not stay unnoticed. Together with a spectacular graphic kit, the Q2S Electric Limited Edition will definitely turn heads when your cruising at incredible 40 km/h (21knots)!

It comes equipped with many additional features – from a special aft platform, to a pull-out string ladder and integrated electrical system for raising and lowering hydrofoils – giving the user a chance to experience the Quadrofoil Q2 in his best image.

Seen around the world in many biggest and most renowned boat shows – from Dubai to Singapore, Quadrofoil Q2S Electric Limited Edition paved the way for Q2S and Q2A Electric.

Zero Emission. Plenty of Excitement.

Quadrofoil is 100 % electrically powered by a very reliable industry standard battery with an integrated battery management system (BMS), which optimizes usage and charging. Together with our own, special electric motor, it delivers exceptional performance and plenty of excitement - without releasing any emissions.

Spread your wings and fly
Experience an exhilarating air born feeling produced by our uniquely designed C-Foils that bring boat handling to a never before seen performance.