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A yacht boom is a horizontal spar to which the foot of a sail is attached. NauticExpo offers a wide range of models including V-shaped carbon fiber and aluminum versions.


The boom facilitates raising, lowering and orienting the sail as a function of course and wind direction. Some are equipped with a mechanism for furling the sail within or around it.


The sail is bent to the boom at the tack and the clew. One end of the boom is attached to the mast via a gooseneck, which swivels horizontally and pivots vertically. Boom materials differ with type of craft. Carbon fiber is often used on racing yachts.

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There is an enormous variety of booms. Choice will depend primarily on the size and type of craft, be it sailing dinghy, racing yacht, cruiser or another kind of yacht.

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Hall Spars & rigging HALL OCEANFURL
Carbon boom for sailing yachts HALL OCEANFURL Hall Spars & rigging

Sophisticated and functional, the Hall Oceanfurl boom meets the special demands of superyacht sailing. With its Seamless construction and unique gooseneck...

Hall Spars & rigging
Carbon V boom for sailing yachts Hall Spars & rigging

The Hall VBoom is a highly refined and stylish addition to your superyacht. Uncomplicated and elegant in both looks and simplicity, the Hall VBoom accommodates a high-performance, full-batten main of...

2 products Southern Spars
Southern Spars PARK AVENUE
Carbon V boom for sailing yachts PARK AVENUE Southern Spars

Retaining many of the benefits of a Racing Box Boom when sailing, the Park Avenue has the advantage of a...

Southern Spars WING BOOM
Carbon V boom for sailing yachts WING BOOM Southern Spars

Our Wing Boom could be mistaken for a racier version of the Park Avenue,...

Axxon Composites
Carbon V boom for sailing yachts Axxon Composites

All booms are built with pre-preg material cured in female toolings, in autoclave at 125° degrees giving a perfect smooth finish. AXXON manufactures...

Axxon Composites
Carbon boom for sailing yachts Axxon Composites

All booms are built with pre-preg...

1 products Lorima
Carbon V boom for sailing yachts Lorima

We have adapted this building process to the manufacture of...

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