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boat lift - SBL40

If you own your own boat, it is sometimes nice to have it at your home.
But also to store it out of the water.
For that we build boatlifts in different configurations.
For use out doors or indoors in an boat house.


boat lift - SUNLIFT- SL3010 / 1361KG / <5.8M

Sunstream Sunlift™ - SL3010

The SL3010 is designed for light runabouts, typically under...

boat lift - SUNLIFT- SL4010AR / 2041KG / >6M

Sunstream Sunlift™ - SL4010AR

The SL4010AR is a popular model, since it lifts up to about a 20’ boat. The dual cylinder design makes this lift a rugged workhouse, and provides additional clearance for...

boat lift - SUNLIFT- SL6012AR / 2948KG / >6M

Sunstream Sunlift™ - SL6012AR

The SL6012AR handles a wide variety of sport boats, ski boats and fishing boats. The lift is similar to the SL4010AR, using twin cylinders, but it is two feet longer, and has a beefier structure. The design allows for shallow-water...

boat lift - SUNLIFT- SL8012ER / 3629KG / >8M

Sunstream Sunlift - SL8012ER

The SL8012 is the smallest member of the big lift...

boat lift - SUNLIFT- SL10014ER / 4535KG / >9M

Sunstream Sunlift™ - SL10014ER

The SL10014 is the most popular of the larger Sunlifts. It handles a...

aluminium boat lift - SMART JACKTM

Smarte JackTM: Boat Lift Wheel Kit
Our wheel kit makes moving your boat lift easy.
Smarte JackTMmakes moving your boat lift easy and quick. With this retractable wheel kit, efficiently move your boat lift or dock by yourself.
Smarte JackTM is the perfect solution for boat owners and dock installers because it makes boat lifts...

aluminium boat lift - alulift 4x6 m

Pontoon boat lift with side installation
Alulift 4x6 m pontoon boat lift is for boats...

rail system boat lift - Alutrack BIG

ALULIFT pontoonlifts for boats weighing up to 4000 kg.
Alulift modular pontoonlifts can be installed in between y-beams as well as beside a boat dock.

Boat weight < 2000kg. Rail lenght can be adjusted...

rail system boat lift - Alutrack LIGHT

ALULIFT pontoonlifts for boats weighing up to 4000 kg.
Alulift modular pontoonlifts can be installed in between y-beams as well as beside a boat dock.

Key features of Alutrack...

rail system boat lift - Alutrack LIGHT

Vertically moving boat lifts are an integral part of our overall boat storage system. By separating the machinery used to transport...

aluminium boat lift - MAX. 10.000 LBS

Easy installation
Sealed aluminum Hi-Tide Gear Drive® gear box is standard on this lift for efficient, quiet and fast performance

aluminium boat lift - MAX. 10.000 LBS

Capacity: Up to 30,000 lbs.

Fast, safe, clean,...

yacht boat lift / aluminium - MAX. 90 TONS

Direct Drive is standard on this lift
Four-motor remote control and limit switch are standard
Aluminum grooved...

jet-ski boat lift / galvanized steel - 1.500 - 10.000 LBS

Capacity: Jet Skis or boats from 1,500 lbs to 10,000 lbs.


aluminium boat lift - MAX. 30.000 LBS | X2

Sealed aluminum Hi-Tide X2 Gear Drive® gear box is a standard on this lift for the efficient, quiet, and ultra-fast performance; low-profile only
Remote control, limit...

aluminium boat lift - MAX. 30.000 LBS | X2

Why FLOE Lifts are the best choice

Patented Easy-Level System - allows you to adjust the height and level your boat lift with a cordless drill.
Revolutionary Screw-Drive Technology - faster, quieter, super smooth and more efficient
Raise and lower your boat and light up your dock with a wireless...

boat lift - PIVOT

A trouble-free, economical solution for small boats. FLOE pivot lifts are offered in capacities up to 1600 lbs.

Pivot boat lift models available:

PWC-1300 While many boat lifts are under-built and have a short...

boat lift - PIVOT

The Portable Boat Lift is...
.Easy to store
.Easy to transport
.Easy to set up and use

QUICK INFORMATION: the Winch and Pivot Stands are 6 feet tall each and the Trapeze is 10 feet wide between them when attached...

boat lift - PIVOT

Maximum protection against Florida's harsh elements.

10 year structural warranty, 5 year vinyl warranty.

All aluminum structure...

boat lift - PIVOT

Golden elevator lifts are the solution...

aluminium boat lift - FOUR POST

Boat owners and marina operaters...

aluminium boat lift - EIGHT POST

Boat owners and marina operaters worldwide have turned to Golden's Eight-Post...

boat lift - LOW PROFILE

The low profile boat lift systems we manufacture were designed to eliminate the upper or overhead beams and...

aluminium boat lift - OVERHEAD

Oldest most proven design, powered by two worm gear driven winches, allows you to raise your boat further...

boat lift - ECBL-1500

Our low profile personal watercraft (PWC) boatlifts come in three weight capacities, the ECBL-800, ECBL-1500, which are single piling applications and the ECBL-2500 model which is a two piling lift. All...

boat lift - ECBL-1500

Our boat house lifts can be installed with one or two electric motor lift systems. Hoist load is dependent on the boat house construction...

boat lift - MAX 30.000 LBS

Eight piling boat lifts are a proven design to hoist large capacity boats. This 8-piling 4-motor unit can be used as overhead boat lift systems to raise boat further out of...

galvanized steel boat lift - HD

The "HD" model is designed to afford maximum hull support while keeping a low profile appearance. This design allows for easy access...

galvanized steel boat lift - MAGNUM 25.000HD - 40.000HD

The 25K, 30K and 40K 'HD' models are designed to afford maximum hull support while keeping a low profile appearance. This design allows for easy access...

boat lift - HYBRID

The Magnum Hybrid lift is available in the capacities of 7,000, 10,000 and 13,000 pounds.

The Hybrid features a galvanized upper power beam complete with machined nylon bearing blocks. Stainless...

boat lift - HOUSE

Boat House lifts are available in 3,000, 6,000, 8,000 and 10,000 pound capacities.


galvanized steel boat lift - S

The "S" model is designed to afford maximum hull support while keeping a low profile appearance.

This design allows...

boat lift - CANTILEVER

The original Hewitt lift continues to be one of our most popular models. These rugged general purpose lifts have a natural mechanical advantage that...

hydraulic boat lift - CANTILEVER

Hydraulic Cantilever Lift
The perfect low-water lift offering effortless operation
Imagine pressing a button on a key-fob remote control as you walk to your dock and having your boat in the water and...

boat lift - HI

Hi-Lift Vertical Lift
Straight up, straight down - A lift for deep water or changing levels
The Hewitt Hi-Lift is an economical, direct vertical rise lift that is ideally...

hydraulic boat lift -

Hydraulic Lift
The ultimate for speed, convenience and lifting capacity
Like Hewitt Hydraulic Cantilever Lifts, these models offer the convenience of push button or wireless remote control operation. Additionally, they can raise and lower boats in seconds. You’ll never hesitate to use your boat again. The Hydraulic Lift series also offers...

hydraulic boat lift - LARGE CAPACITY HYD

The Hewitt 12,100 lb and 18,100 lb models are a special class of hydraulic lifts. They are designed to provide superior stability for large craft while retaining the speed and convenient operation of our smaller lifts. These models add a larger capacity hydraulic pump,...

boat lift - MAXI

Marine Grade Aluminum Double Channel Uppers and I-Beam Lowers.
Heavy Duty...

aluminium boat lift - DECO


DECOs heavy duty bronze worm gear reduction box is designed to be self-locking
DECOs superior gear box design is maintenance free,...

aluminium boat lift - CRS

The only cable management system that effectively prevents destructive cable spooling and overlap. It features the deepest grooved winder in the industry; 1/4 deep grooves allow the 5/16 diameter cable to sit...

aluminium boat lift - BEAMLESS

Standard Features

Superior Aluminum Box Beam Construction.
A DECO Exclusive! Allows for a cable drop at every pick-up point.
No More Problematic...

boat lift - ELEVATOR

Concept Elevator Standard Features

Available in Seawall, Piling, or Dock Mount
Superior Aluminum Box Beam Construction with 25...

galvanized steel boat lift - M30

Reference code M30 is the basic Click&Go model...

galvanized steel boat lift - M50

Reference code M50 is the basic Click&Go model...

galvanized steel boat lift - M100

Reference code M100 is the basic Click&Go model...

galvanized steel boat lift - M150

Reference code M150 is the basic Click&Go model...

galvanized steel boat lift - M200

Reference code M200 is the basic Click&Go model...

sheltered boat lift - 5000 / 4000 / 3000 VERTICAL

Like you, we understand the importance of keeping your watercraft clean, secure and ready to go whenever...

dry boat storage boat lift - MEPS

This machine launches boats which are stored in a dry-stack storage facility using forklifts, or boats which are towed on a trailer boat to the launching site.

The MEPS can be adapted to all different kind of launching sites (riprap, dock, dyke)

The MEPS is composed of guidance rails, and the overall system is connected to...

boat lift - CATEGORY 2

Our Category 2 Lift features open sides allowing easy access to your boat. If you worry about looking at a top beam or hitting your head,...

boat lift - CATEGORY 3 BASIC

If you are looking for a great price on a great lift, look no further. The standard elevator offers all the basics you...

boat lift - CATEGORY 3 ELITE

For those who demand the very best in an elevator lift. Comes with your choice of gears, the finest warranty and custom machine parts. Check out the standard features...

boat lift - CATEGORY 4

The "Walkabout" Boat Lift
Available in vertical or elevator systems.


boat lift - CATEGORY 5 BASIC

The basic cradle lift comes in either 4,6,or 8 pole configurations depending on...

boat lift - CATEGORY 5 BASIC

Davit Master developed and introduced...

boat lift - CATEGORY 5 BASIC

Davit Master's Aluminum Cradle Lifts provide high durability...

boat lift with cradle / galvanized steel - B-LINE

The "B-Line" Cradle Lift includes the same features...

boat lift with cradle - SILHOUETTE

The Silhouette Cradle Lift is designed to create...

boat lift - EPOCH

The Epoch Lift works like an elevator traveling...

rail system boat lift - 8.5m Wood

Length: 4.2m + 4.2m. Intended for lifting boats weighing a maximum of 500kg from the water and for (winter) storage. When additional wheels and a larger winch are installed,...

rail system boat lift - 8.5m

Purchase the long timber for the frame of the boatlift (4pcs 4.2m x 50mm x 100mm) from a local dealer and save shipping expenses!

Length: 4.2m + 4.2m. Intended for lifting boats weighing a maximum of 500kg...


How to choose this product


A boat lift is used to remove a vessel from the water easily and rapidly.


These devices are very useful for handling small craft whose mooring is unreliable, for example due to tidal variation of water depth. Removal also keeps the hull free of marine growth.


Lift systems use rollers, tracks or slides, and electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic winches. Some are small floating pontoons. Certain models incorporate a shelter to protect the craft against inclement weather and/or theft. Boat lifts are designed for vessels of minimum/maximum size, maximum weight and minimum water depth at the installation point.

How to choose

Carry out a careful study of the installation area. Choice will depend on vessel size, weight, draft and type (monohull, multi-hull, sailboat, powerboat, etc.).

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