boat lift / floating / galvanized steel



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    galvanized steel


The BSL offers Yard and Marinas operator a highly versatile and environmentally friendly option for quick boat inspections ( Boat down-time dramatically reduced).

This system, requires non cranes, hoists or trolley supports, can lift vessels weighting up to 20 tones safely out of the water for hull and propulsion system checks and repairs ( Save time and cost for boat maintenance).

The BSL also benefits from low maintenance costs as its structure is manufactured from galvanized steel framework and high density polyethylene. Running costs are practically zero ( less than 0.8kW7hr per lift)

and pollution is avoided due to a solid liquid extraction containment system ( lower purchase and installation costs in comparison takes up no land space and does not require permanent installation on the quayside ( Easy to use).


Collection system with containment and aspiration tank for the collection of production waste
Pressurized water distribution system for power washer
Compressed air supply system for the use of pneumatic tools
Underwater lighting system