Aluminum sailboats

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Aluminum sailboats include all monohull and multihull sailing vessels with an aluminum hull and deck. On NauticExpo sailboats over 15 meters long are classed as sailing yachts.


Aluminum is often used to build cruising sailboats because it is light, sturdy and requires little maintenance. The weight/size ratio offers advantages on hulls over nine or 10 meters long.


These boats are assembled by welding aluminum sheets together. The material's flexibility enables the creation of rounded or chined hulls.

It is important to protect the vessel from electrolysis, the chemical reaction that attacks aluminum in case of power leakage aboard or contact with steel boats. Since the hull is not grounded, this can be accomplished by installing a bipolar electrical circuit and using sacrificial anodes that will be attacked instead of hull. Any stainless steel gear must be isolated from the deck and the hull.

How to choose

Boat size and necessary gear will depend on the type of sailing one intends to do. Consider energy and fresh water production systems, autopilot and other equipment. Verify that the builder has employed all necessary measures to combat electrolysis.


- Light
- Sturdy, flexible material
- Little maintenance required
- Multiple hull shape options


- Electrolysis risk
- Expensive


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11 products Alubat
new Alubat CIGALE 18
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) CIGALE 18 - 18,28m    60' 0" Alubat

Luxury craftsmen of sailing boats, Alubat shipyard, situated in le Château d’Olonne, have attacked 2014 with new ambitions. During the next coming weeks, Alubat will present the new Cigale...

new Alubat CIGALE 22
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) CIGALE 22 - 22,44m    73' 7" Alubat

Specifications Architect : Marc LOMBARD Double rudders : oui Bits and rudders aluminum profiles : oui...

Alubat OVNI 365
Cruising sailboat (lifting keel, aluminum) OVNI 365 - 11,94m    39' 2" Alubat

The Ovni 365, the benjamin of the Ovni range, but also the first Ovni designed...

Alubat OVNI 395
Cruising sailboat (lifting keel, aluminum) OVNI 395 - 12,68m    41' 7" Alubat

Smooth and accurate helm control will tell you a lot about its capacities on the water : both stiff sails and upwind performance, you have...

Alubat OVNI 445
Cruising sailboat (lifting keel, aluminum) OVNI 445 - 13,80m    45' 3" Alubat

On the market of long trips yachts, the OVNI 445 is possibly the best expression of quality manufacturing and of naval architecture progress from ALUBAT : more performance, more elegance and more comfort,...

Alubat OVNI 495
Cruising sailboat (aluminum, 3 cabins) OVNI 495 - 14,95m    49' 1" Alubat

The arrival of the OVNI 495 marks a turning point in the range. OVNI through and through, this luxury centreboarder proudly bears its aluminium hull chines of 50 feet long. The navigation area is exceptional...

new Allures Yachting Allures 52
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, lifting keel) Allures 52 - 16,10m    52' 10" Allures Yachting

The new Allures 52 incorporates the elements that make the Allures 51 so successful, whilst benefitinh from the newest technological advances. This...

video Allures Yachting ALLURES 39.9
Ocean cruising sailboat (aluminum, lifting keel) ALLURES 39.9 - 12,65m    41' 6" Allures Yachting

The Allures 39.9 is a lifting keel yacht with aluminium hull and composite superstructure. Created from very strict specifications and prepared on the basis of feedback from numerous circumnavigators,...

video Allures Yachting ALLURES 45
Cruising sailboat (lifting keel, aluminum) ALLURES 45 - 13,98m    45' 10" Allures Yachting

Four key words have guided our work in designing this new model. Nearly seven years after the Allures 44, it is still innovation that enables us to further extend the yesterday compromises. For us, the...

Allures Yachting ALLURES 51
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, lifting keel) ALLURES 51 - 16,30m    53' 6" Allures Yachting

The Allures 51 is a prestige yacht designed for true long-distance cruising. The yachtsmen, famous and less well-known, who contributed to the development of the Allures 51 prepared an uncompromising...

5 products BORD A BORD
Cruising sailboat (custom-made, aluminum) SEALION 36 - 10,97m    36' 0" BORD A BORD

The SEALION 36 program is mainly for a cruising use but can be thought for longer journeys. The solution of the two-keels was held since...

Cruising sailboat (aluminum) LARGO 38 - 11,58m    38' 0" BORD A BORD

Whatever it’s a short panoramic roof or a long one, the LARGO 38 keeps a design to sail quickly...

Cruiser-racer sailboat (aluminium) LARGO 44 - 13,41m    44' 0" BORD A BORD

The LARGO 44 is mainly designed for cruises and quick trips with its ergonomic and protected cockpit shapped for...

Cruiser-racer sailboat (aluminium) BORD A BORD 48' - 14,63m    48' 0" BORD A BORD

Built in aluminium for long journey, the Bord à Bord 48 has been designed...

Ocean cruising sailboat (aluminum) IROISE 46 - 13,85m    45' 5" BORD A BORD

The IROISE 46 is the new aluminium bilge keel actually manufactured in the shipyard. This sailing boat has been designed by the collaboration between the experimented customer and the...

video Garcia Yachting Garcia Exploration 45
Cruising sailboat (lifting keel, aluminum) Garcia Exploration 45 - 13,98m    45' 10" Garcia Yachting

Jimmy Cornell, the doyen of world cruising, has chosen GARCIA YACHTING to build his new yacht to confront the challenges of the Northwest Passage. Jimmy Cornell, best-selling nautical author, founder...

Garcia Yachting GARCIA 75
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) GARCIA 75 - 23,70m    77' 9" Garcia Yachting

Following the success of the first Garcia GY65, Mary Blue 65, the Garcia shipyard developed a 75-footer range. Still...

Garcia Yachting GARCIA 85
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) GARCIA 85 - 26m    85' 4" Garcia Yachting

In collaboration with Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design and the designer Pierre Frutschi, we built this fast cruising 85-foot sailing yacht. Built of high strength Sealium aluminium, she is equipped with...

Garcia Yachting GARCIA 90
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, lifting keel) GARCIA 90 - 26,80m    87' 11" Garcia Yachting

With its fast hull and a bespoke well-designed interior for comfortable luxurious cruising, Zurbagan - designed by Gilles Vaton, interior by Couedel Hugon Design...

4 products Vitters
video Vitters LADY B
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made, Dubois design, in aluminium) LADY B - 44,70m    146' 8" Vitters

Vitters Shipyard created a sailing yacht that will combine exceptionally high performance levels with superlative comfort. This 44.7-metre striking sloop was designed by Dubois Naval Architects,...

Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made, Dubois design, in aluminium, ketch) NIRVANA - 53,50m    175' 6" Vitters

Nirvana takes advantage of a large fly bridge sailing yacht experience but has an added, particularly interesting feature: a total draft of no more than 9 feet (3 metres). This has been achieved by developing...

Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) TINTAGEL - 16,80m    55' 1" Vitters

Tintagel is a 16.8-metre (55 ft) cutter-rigged sloop designed by Hoek Design Naval Architects to meet stringent stability standards. This aluminium yacht incorporates a deep-draught winged keel and carbon...

Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, ketch) APHRODITE I - 28,50m    93' 6" Vitters

The lovely 28.5-metre (94 ft) Hoek Design aluminium ketch Aphrodite I combines the sailing qualities of a high performance yacht with luxurious and comfortable cruising. Designed primarily for long-distance...

5 products Jongert
Jongert 2400CR - UISGE BEATHA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 2400CR - UISGE BEATHA - 24m    78' 9" Jongert

The 2400M is an aluminum sloop type yacht, that has an open cockpit, and a closed wheelhouse. Uisge Beatha means Water of Life, and being that the owners are two avid sailors, this name fit their lifestyle...

Jongert 2400CR - CHARISMA NOVA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 2400CR - CHARISMA NOVA - 24m    78' 9" Jongert

The Jongert 2400M is an accommodating yacht simple enough to sail without the help of a crew. Not only is the sailing, rigging, and navigation equipped to be manned by just a few, the engine room is designed...

Jongert 2900CR - MBOLO
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 2900CR - MBOLO - 29m    95' 2" Jongert

Essentially, the 29m aluminium Jongert/ Castro hull is standard, while the rig, deck layout and accommodation have options to be tailored to individual owner’s requirements. So while the one suits...

Jongert 3200CR - BREATH OF HORUS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 3200CR - BREATH OF HORUS - 32m    105' 0" Jongert

Tony Castro joined this challenging project and developed this modern sloop with beautifully elegant lines, especially designed for a fast...

Jongert 47T
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, 5 cabins) 47T - 47m    154' 2" Jongert

With an impressive 47 meters in length, the 47T is the new flagship of the much-admired Traditional Line. Following the hull lines of Doug Peterson, this Jongert design combines well-known traditional...

2 products Union Yachts
5 products Pendennis
Pendennis AKALAM
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, sloop) AKALAM - 32m    105' 0" Pendennis

Pendennis was selected to complete construction and final fit-out of the Barracuda 105, a 32m aluminium motor-sailor intended for a European client. With naval architecture provided by Barracuda Yacht...

Pendennis LA CATTIVA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, ketch) LA CATTIVA - 37,40m    122' 8" Pendennis

Leading international designer Ed Dubois was commissioned to create Taramber – this heralded the beginning of our close association with the Dubois team. Dubois’ brief was to create a striking,...

Sailboat : cruiser sailing-yacht (aluminum, custom-made) MARGARET ANN - 29,08m    95' 5" Pendennis

Margaret Ann has all the merits and trademarks of a Dubois yacht, featuring a pilothouse with a raised seating area, outstanding performance and an intelligent placement of running gear. On deck there...

Pendennis TENAZ
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, sloop) TENAZ - 39m    127' 11" Pendennis

The 39m cruising sloop Mamamouchi is one of the finest sailing yachts to come from the drawing board of Dubois, with a particularly sleek profile and trade mark pilot house, openly linking to the elegant...

Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, sloop) WAVELENGTH - 27,43m    90' 0" Pendennis

Striking a unique balance between sailing performance, ease of handling, high quality materials and world class workmanship, BooToo is a true, high-performance world cruising yacht. In keeping with our...

1 products CNB Bénéteau
Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats EXTRA-BEAT
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made, in aluminium) EXTRA-BEAT - 35,80m    117' 5" Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats

An above-average successful owner always values an above-average yacht. An example for this is Extra-Beat, at the time of her completion in 1988 the largest sloop in the world....

K&M Yachtbuilders BESTEVAER 45ST
Cruising sailboat (aluminum) BESTEVAER 45ST - 14,05m    46' 1" K&M Yachtbuilders

Upsizing tends to be the trend, but this owner went from a Bestevaer 60C to a Bestevaer 53T, and now to a 45ST. So that meant downsizing! However, the owner of the "Africa" knows what he’s doing: "The...

K&M Yachtbuilders BESTEVAER 49ST
Cruising sailboat (custom-made, aluminum) BESTEVAER 49ST - 15,20m    49' 10" K&M Yachtbuilders

The “Katharos” is clearly the little sister of the “Bestevaer 2” and the recently completed Bestevaer 55ST “Albatros”, but it truly stands out for its interior. The...

K&M Yachtbuilders BESTEVAER 50S
Sailboat : classic sloop (aluminium) BESTEVAER 50S - 14,95m    49' 1" K&M Yachtbuilders

Pure classic lines, combined with modern technology, a hydraulic centreboard, two rudders and a lightweight wood/epoxy doghouse. The ’De Schouwman’ has a classic interior...

K&M Yachtbuilders BESTEVAER 53ST
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made, in aluminium) BESTEVAER 53ST - 16,17m    53' 1" K&M Yachtbuilders

’Bestevaer II’ is Gerard Dijkstra’s own yacht. Top naval architect Dijkstra wanted: "a ship that could be sailed in cold climates and that was able to winter in those regions - the ideal concept sailing...

K&M Yachtbuilders BESTEVAER 55ST
Sailboat : cruiser sailing-yacht (aluminum, custom-made) BESTEVAER 55ST - 16,90m    55' 5" K&M Yachtbuilders

This customer’s wishes could be summarized as: simplicity is strength. He considered Tranquilo a fantastic design, although he opted for...

K&M Yachtbuilders BESTEVAER 56ST
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, sloop) BESTEVAER 56ST - 17,58m    57' 8" K&M Yachtbuilders

According to the designer, this yacht is to be classified as ’Spirit of Tradition’, being traditionally styled but showing powerful performance characteristics such as a fine entry, shallow canoe body,...

3 products Hutting
Hutting HUTTING 40
Cruising sailboat (aluminum) HUTTING 40 - 12,45m    40' 10" Hutting

Comfort, character, class. Built for when the going gets tough > Are you looking for a safe, seaworthy yacht with superb sailing characteristics? Then...

Hutting HUTTING 48
Cruising sailboat (aluminum) HUTTING 48 - 14,67m    48' 2" Hutting

Good looks, high speed, action radius. Well thought-out design - no needless frills, the...

1 products Ada Yacht
3 products Kanter Yachts
Kanter Yachts KANTER 47
Cruising sailboat (aluminum) KANTER 47 - 14,38m    47' 2" Kanter Yachts

Designed to exude a traditional sense of style, The Kanter 47 captures the true essence of performance, safety and comfort expected by discerning yachting enthusiasts around the world. Thanks to its...

Kanter Yachts KANTER 53
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, lifting keel) KANTER 53 - 16,18m    53' 1" Kanter Yachts

Designed as a “pilothouse cutter”, the Kanter 53 was initially created for a British yachtsman who yearned for a vessel that exuded beauty and speed. Beyond its style and performance, the Kanter 53 also...

Kanter Yachts KANTER 65
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, ketch) KANTER 65 - 20,65m    67' 9" Kanter Yachts

The stunning Kanter 65 was created to offer both impressive performance and ease of operation as well as truly exceptional luxury and style, satisfying the sailing requirements of even the most discriminating...

1 products CNTI
1 products CNA YACHTING
1 products AluYacht
video AluYacht AY480
Cruising sailboat (aluminum, 3 cabins) AY480 - 14,62m    48' 0" AluYacht

AY480 enhances the specific properties of aluminum in the marine field: reliability, robustness and lightness. Already equipped for heavy loads and due to the low density of the material,...

5 products Boréal
Boréal 44
Ocean cruising sailboat (aluminum, lifting keel) 44 - 13,80m    45' 3" Boréal

The Boreal 44 used the same initial book of load capacities as the Boreal 50 - which was the first Boréal while...

Boréal 47
Ocean cruising sailboat (aluminum, lifting keel) 47 - 14,55m    47' 9" Boréal

The Boréal 47 is our new boat for 2010. She is based on the Boréal 44 but with...

Boréal 50
Ocean cruising sailboat (aluminum, lifting keel) 50 - 15m    49' 3" Boréal

The Boreal 50 was the first boat of our range. Two standard versions are offered: an owners version with 3 double...

Boréal 53 D
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, lifting keel) 53 D - 15,75m    51' 8" Boréal

The Boréal 53 with a D for « Diving » is based on the Boréal 50, but especially adapted to cruisers with a diving program....

Boréal 63
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, lifting keel) 63 - 19,95m    65' 5" Boréal

The Boréal 63 will be a spacious boat designed for all latitudes. All the specifities of the other Boréal will be incorporated in this new Boréal. Each time she will be adapted to the dreams,...

3 products Morozov Yachts
video Morozov Yachts ATOA EXPEDITION
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, ketch) ATOA EXPEDITION - 22,30m    73' 2" Morozov Yachts

Sailing yacht ATOA (Arctic TO Antarctic) is semi-custom aluminium vessel for for live aboard and long range cruising worldwide and in higher latitudes. The yacht has reinforced shallows draft hull and...

Morozov Yachts MT-37
Sailboat : cruising motorsailer (aluminum) MT-37 - 12,80m    42' 0" Morozov Yachts

L hull 11.2 m, LOA 12.8 m, beam 3.5 m, draft 1.6 m, fuel 400 l., water 200 l., main 24 sq.m., mizen 9 sq.m., genoa 30 sq.m., diesel Caterpillar 86 h.p., motoring speed 9 knots . Classic motorsailer MT-37...

Morozov Yachts MOROZOV-30
Sailboat : cruising motorsailer (aluminum) MOROZOV-30 - 9,14m    30' 0" Morozov Yachts

L hull 9.2 m (30 ft), LOA 11.7 m, beam 3.3 m, draft 1.07/1.7 m, fuel 170 l., water 170 l., diesel...

6 products Puffin Yachts
Puffin  Yachts PUFFIN® CLASSIC 37'
Sailboat : classic cutter (aluminium) PUFFIN® CLASSIC 37' - 13,63m    44' 9" Puffin Yachts

The centreboard permits cruising in shallow waters. This yacht dries out on any bottom. Type...

Puffin  Yachts PUFFIN® CLASSIC 42'
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht (aluminium, cutter) PUFFIN® CLASSIC 42' - 15,67m    51' 5" Puffin Yachts

Suitable for long distance, especially shorthanded, sailing and onboard living. The Puffin 42 has a panoramic deck saloon with...

Puffin  Yachts PUFFIN® CLASSIC 46'
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht (aluminium, cutter) PUFFIN® CLASSIC 46' - 16,39m    53' 9" Puffin Yachts

Suitable for long distance, especially shorthanded, sailing and onboard living. Panoramic deck saloon with inside steering. The...

Puffin  Yachts PUFFIN® RANGER 49'
Sailboat : classic cutter (aluminium) PUFFIN® RANGER 49' - 14,94m    49' 0" Puffin Yachts

Special Puffin Ranger features: - Full panoramic decksaloon - Inside steering - Foldable swimming/boarding platform - Equiped with the (rock) proven Van Meer centerboard system -...

Puffin  Yachts PUFFIN® CLASSIC 58'
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht (aluminium) PUFFIN® CLASSIC 58' - 18m    59' 1" Puffin Yachts

Suitable for long distance, especially shorthanded, sailing and onboard living. Panoramic deck saloon with inside steering....

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