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The OVNI 46 Evolution, developed by Nicolas Père and the Cabinet HT2′ , complete the OVNI Evolution range:

Faithfull to the spirit of...

The Ovni 365, the benjamin of the Ovni range, but also the first Ovni designed...

Smooth and accurate helm control will tell you a lot about its capacities on the water : both stiff sails and upwind performance, you have...

On the market of long trips yachts, the OVNI 445 is possibly the best expression of quality manufacturing and of naval architecture progress from ALUBAT : more performance, more elegance and more comfort,...

The arrival of the OVNI 495 marks a turning point in the range. OVNI through and through, this luxury centreboarder proudly bears its aluminium hull chines of 50 feet long. The navigation area is exceptional by its size...


The Allures 39.9 is a lifting keel yacht with aluminium hull and composite superstructure. Created from very strict specifications and prepared on the basis of feedback from numerous circumnavigators, this vessel brings together all the characteristics...

Four key words have guided our work in designing this new model. Nearly seven years after the Allures 44, it is still innovation that enables us to further extend the yesterday compromises. For us, the Allures 45 represents the quintessence of the modern bluewater sailing yacht.



Jimmy Cornell, the doyen of world cruising, has chosen GARCIA YACHTING to build his new yacht to confront the challenges of the Northwest Passage.

Jimmy Cornell, best-selling nautical author, founder of the ARC and organiser of several round the world rallies, is preparing for a voyage that promises to be the culmination of his sailing life. During the summer of 2014, Jimmy Cornell will...


The SEALION 36 program is mainly for a cruising use but can be thought for longer journeys. The solution of the two-keels was held since...

Whatever it's a short panoramic roof or a long one, the LARGO 38 keeps a design to sail quickly...

The LARGO 44 is mainly designed for cruises and quick trips with its ergonomic and protected cockpit shapped for...

Built in aluminium for long journey, the Bord à Bord 48 has been designed...

The IROISE 46 is the new aluminium bilge keel actually manufactured in the shipyard.
This sailing boat has been designed by the collaboration between the experimented customer and the...


The Ellya 43 is a long distance cruising aluminum monohull.

This 13-meter sailing yacht was designed specially to offer peace of mind...

Cruising without limit...
Built in aluminum, the Kat'alu 43 is a solid and safe long distance cruising catamaran.

With fine and deep hulls, she guarantees a good performance and a great feeling. Sails are easy to maneuver.


This new solid and seaworthy catamaran is well-suited for long-distance cruising.


With the excellent quality of construction and a very solid hull, the Havana...


Launched end of 2009, the Boréal 44 won the award Yacht of the Year in 2010 in France and in 2011 in Holland. Today, the Boréal 44 is without doubt a...

The good reasons : the sun deck with direct access to the water, the aesthetic appearance,...


AY480 enhances the specific properties of aluminum in the marine field: reliability, robustness and lightness. Already equipped for heavy loads and due to the low density of the material,...


Comfort, character, class.

Built for when the going gets tough > Are you looking for a safe, seaworthy yacht with superb sailing characteristics?...

Good looks, high speed, action radius.

Well thought-out design - no needless frills,...


Upsizing tends to be the trend, but this owner went from a Bestevaer 60C to a Bestevaer 53T, and now to a 45ST. So that meant downsizing!

However, the owner of the "Africa" knows what he's doing: "The kids no longer sail with us, and my wife and I don't want to do any long trips anymore. The Bestevaer 45ST is the perfect daysailer for us." The doghouse...

The “Katharos” is clearly the little sister of the “Bestevaer 2” and the recently completed Bestevaer 55ST “Albatros”, but it truly stands out for its interior. The basic colours are off-white (matt combined with gloss) and black. This is combined with aubergine cushions, an aqua green oak floor, an illuminated horizontal strip...

Pure classic lines, combined with modern technology, a hydraulic centreboard, two rudders and a lightweight wood/epoxy doghouse. The 'De Schouwman' has a classic interior layout....

The customer was looking for an efficient blue-water cruiser with a variable draught which offered...

This Koopmans Concord 45 is the perfect ocean going yacht. She is in an excellent state, well maintained and equiped for long voyage.



L hull 11.2 m, LOA 12.8 m, beam 3.5 m, draft 1.6 m, fuel 400 l., water 200 l., main 24 sq.m., mizen 9 sq.m., genoa 30 sq.m., diesel Caterpillar 86 h.p., motoring speed 9 knots .

Classic motorsailer MT-37 is very safe and comfortable vessel for ocean cruising with good seaworthiness. This original...

L hull 9.2 m (30 ft),
LOA 11.7 m,
beam 3.3 m,
draft 1.07/1.7 m,
fuel 170 l.,


Technical specifications*
*Latitude Yachts reserves the right to modify the specifications without prior notice

Vessel type: Luxury cruising sailing catamaran
Builder: Latitude Yachts
Designer: Coste Design and Partners
LOA: 26.8m/88' Beam: 12.3m/40'30''
Draft: 2m/6'50''

Technical specifications
Lenght LOA :28,80m – 92'
Lenght WL :26,16m – 85'30''
Maximum Beam :13,02m – 42'65"
Draft :2m - 6'56''
Displacement :74...


Designed to exude a traditional sense of style, The Kanter 47 captures the true essence of performance, safety and comfort expected by discerning yachting enthusiasts around the world.

Thanks to its intelligent, thoughtful design, the Kanter 47 offers exceptional...


The centreboard permits cruising in shallow waters. This yacht dries out on any bottom.


Special Puffin Ranger features:
- Full panoramic decksaloon
- Inside steering
- Foldable swimming/boarding platform
- Equiped with the (rock) proven Van Meer centerboard system


M&L 30 S is a modern sailing-yacht with round-bilge hull made of aluminium...


How to choose this product


Aluminum sailboats include all monohull and multihull sailing vessels with an aluminum hull and deck. On NauticExpo sailboats over 15 meters long are classed as sailing yachts.


Aluminum is often used to build cruising sailboats because it is light, sturdy and requires little maintenance. The weight/size ratio offers advantages on hulls over nine or 10 meters long.


These boats are assembled by welding aluminum sheets together. The material's flexibility enables the creation of rounded or chined hulls.

It is important to protect the vessel from electrolysis, the chemical reaction that attacks aluminum in case of power leakage aboard or contact with steel boats. Since the hull is not grounded, this can be accomplished by installing a bipolar electrical circuit and using sacrificial anodes that will be attacked instead of hull. Any stainless steel gear must be isolated from the deck and the hull.

How to choose

Boat size and necessary gear will depend on the type of sailing one intends to do. Consider energy and fresh water production systems, autopilot and other equipment. Verify that the builder has employed all necessary measures to combat electrolysis.


- Light
- Sturdy, flexible material
- Little maintenance required
- Multiple hull shape options


- Electrolysis risk
- Expensive

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