polyurethane adhesive sealant / teak deck / caulking



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  • Formulated for:

    teak deck

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1. Seams must be clean and dry. Surrounding wood should have 12% moisture content or less. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CAULK WET SEAMS. Work under cover when possible, otherwise only open as much
seam as can be cleaned and re-caulked in the same day.
2. When caulking, the ambient temperature should be between 40-90° F (5-33° C). If it is too cold,
caulking will not cure. In the tropics, the teak deck may become so hot from the sun that the uncured
caulking will bubble out of the seams.
3. Seams must be thoroughly cleaned back to fresh wood. Old caulking can be removed with a razor knife and reefing hook, a router, or circular saw. After removing old caulk, sand the wood on sides of seams with a piece of 80-grit sandpaper.
Remove any debris in seams with a reefing hook, a brush and a vacuum or compressed air. Be sure
that compressed air system has traps for moisture and oil.
4. Thoroughly clean and de-oil teak in seams with clean rags dipped in acetone or Isopropyl alcohol.
Change rags frequently.
5. Do not use Primer.
6. For best results, appropriate bond breaker tape should be applied to the bottom of a seam before
7. To begin caulking, cut the top of the caulking nozzle to fit in the seam; and puncture the inner seal. Squeeze the end of the nozzle with a pair of pliers to allow the tip to reach the bottom of the seam.
8. Apply SIS 440 to bottom of seam, allowing it to flow upward until crowning above the top of the seam. Smoothly pull the gun along the seam. Avoid starts and stops or changes in direction that may entrap air.

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