Bruce anchor / for boats

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Bruce anchor / for boats Bruce anchor / for boats - 6374HDG


  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Weight:

    Max.: 50 kg (110.2 lb)

    Min.: 0.5 kg (1.1 lb)



In addition to Bruce Anchor, we also provide Claw Anchor, HDG Bruce Anchor and HDG Claw Anchor with good quality.

We provide all popular types of anchors & connectors for the world market, such as bruce type anchor, CQR(plow) type anchor, Danforth type anchor, folding anchor, mushroom anchor, river anchor, delta anchor, navy anchor.

YCH provides Bruce Anchor, check Bruce Anchor products detail:
1)Bruce anchors are used for Luxury Yacht
2)Material:SUS3163)Surface Treatment


The claw anchor is the most popular anchor used for small boats and they still have the same features as the anchors used to hold oil platforms. The claw boat anchor is very easy to set and performs well on nearly all seafloors. The claw anchor only has trouble setting into mud, thus making this anchor very versatile for most boaters.

The claw anchor will set effortlessly in rock and coral where other anchor types will have trouble. This type of anchor will even find a hold on a very hard bottom. A claw anchor will hold against wind and tide changes. Instead of breaking under the tension, the claw anchor will slowly turn to align with the force.

When it comes time to anchor your boat, the claw anchor will drop faster and straighter than other anchor types which tend to wallow on the way down. Once on the bottom, the claw anchor will quickly set once it finds some rock or coral.

Despite the holding power, there is very little risk of damaging a claw anchor because it is constructed from one solid piece of steel. Retrieving a claw anchor is easy to do since the anchor is rotated upward during hauling and pulls away easily from its hold.