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Air Treatment postcure AT004
October 2, 2018Max LifeAir treatment
Yachtgarage has developed the first integrated system of air treatment for baking at 80 ° of hulls and decks ( postcure ).

An integrated plant for the extraction and purification, high-performance integrated to a heating system with automatic operation.

The extraction capacity is adjustable from 20,000 to 60,000 m3 / ha depending on the size dell'imbarcazioni to be painted. Furthermore, the possibility of connecting the system to aspiring mobile on wheels (not shown).The automatic filter efficiency control is equipped with sound and warning lights and the hour counter alarms are of the type can not be acknowledged. The plant is equipped with 300 Kg of activated carbon cartridges and 12 m2 of paint stop filters.

The heating system instead has a power of 256,000 kcal / h, which allows adjustment of the temperature from 20 ° to 80 °. With the AT004 plant it is possible to carry out any processing (including the post-curing) in the best conditions, thanks to the temperature adjustment with probes of 6 levels.

Inverter technology, the chimney with socket for emission control, the burners Riello available gas or diesel, Siemens motors and components Schneider complete the features of this new product.

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