boat video camera / for commercial fishing boats / for work boats / for yachts
Yacht Cam Lite & Yacht Cam Lite+



  • Application domain:

    for boats, for commercial fishing boats, for work boats, for yachts

  • Type:

    CCTV, low-light

  • Technology:

    high-definition, thermal

  • Other characteristics:

    with zoom, compact


Yacht Cam Lite & Yacht Cam Lite+

Extreme Definition
High line resolution of 2.14 megapixel provides extreme definition and 1080P resolution.

Compact Design
Suitable for small vessels.

Fixed Daylight Camera 2x/4x/Digital Zoom

High Resolution
Uncooled Amorphns Silicon FPA, resolution: 384X288 / 640X480, 25/30Hz

Continuous Thermal Imaging
Offering the highest resolution for daylight and thermal imaging at 384 x 288 Yacht Cam thermal core at 25hz / 30hz provides clear and continuous thermal images. Yacht Cam includes Black and White/Gray.

Auto Flip
When the camera tilts downward and goes just beyond the vertical angle, the camera image rotates 180°.