position and tracking system / for boats / for charter boats / battery
Woobox® Lite



  • Function:

    position and tracking system

  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Type:

    for charter boats

  • Applications:


  • Network:



the Lite version of the Woobox® is designed for boats requiring geolocation services only.

The Woobox® Lite is equipped with an internal GPS antenna, a GPRS chip, a backup battery and is programmable. The Woobox® Lite is compact and discreet.

The Woobox® Lite is designed to locate and monitor any size of boats. The quality of its GPS antenna allows to gather an accurate location of the vessel.

Route tracking
Area monitoring
Navigation analysis

Technical specifications
- Power supply: 12 - 24 VDC
- Average consumption : 14,5mA
- Communication duration: 6s
- Battery capacity: 16,8 Wh
- standby time: 15 days
- GPS accuracy: 2,5 m
- Cellular communication: GSM
- Connectic: Mini-Fit
- Sizes (L x l x h mm): 195 x 90 x 49
- GSM Coverage: Worldwide (depends on local agreement)
- Casing: IP67, sealable, opening detection, CE
- Shock resistance: 1m drop