position and tracking system / control system / video surveillance system / for boats



  • Function:

    position and tracking system, control system, video surveillance system

  • Application domain:

    for boats, for yachts, for ships, for sailboats, for tenders, oceanographic research

  • Type:

    for charter boats, towing, fluid level

  • Applications:

    battery, diver, engine, for tanks, bilge, system, anchorage, engine room, navigation light

  • Network:


  • Other characteristics:

    remote, alarm, connected


The concept is born from the experiences, needs and expectations of professional as well as amateur seamen. The research & development driven by Wooboat now meets their expectations with a reliable, strong and upgradable product... the Woobox®.

The Woobox® is intended for owners who want to stay connected with their boats via a web or mobile application (iOS and Android). With its internal GPS and its European & North America GSM coverage, a Woobox® can locate a boat, follow its route or monitor its position.

Its greatest asset is its connectivity. By default, the Woobox® connects a large number of sensors (voltmeter, thermometer, water sensor, intrusion detector,...) and can control equipments such as pump, light, anchor lights, heating, fridge, etc.

Another benefit : the Woobox® can be set up to activate defined commands automatically. Thus, in case of damage, a banned movement, an intrusion..., the Woobox® alerts the owner and automatically activates one of the selected equipments.

- internal battery 16,8 Wh autonomy 15 days
- 2 internal antennas GPS & GSM
- SIM card world wide roaming*
- 8 digital inputs
- 4 analog inpus
- 8 output of 24V - 20A each
- water resistant IP 67
- automatic firmware update

*can be updated according local agreements