boat indicator / level / analog / battery

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boat indicator / level / analog / battery boat indicator / level / analog / battery - Eclipse


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    for boats

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Smart white and blue graphics on a black dial background, these very low profile bezels follow the curve of the lense to eliminate water trapping. Design with domed glass, it sheds water and resists scratching.

Scratch-resistant domed glass lenses
Perimeter lighting for excellent readability
Black, near flush bezels
US and metric scales with ISO symbols
Optional add-on eyebrow bezels
Available for most outboards, stern drives and diesel engines

The heart of the Veethree electrical instrument is the Vector air-core movement.
This simple, durable movement was pioneered for the harsh marine and industrial
The Vector movement utilizes a permanent magnet that rotates magnetically in an
electrical field. All coil windings and attachments are designed to withstand extremes
in vibration, temperature, humidity and salt spray. The electrical studs are tin plated to
minimize corrosion in the marine environment.
The magnet/spindle assembly is surrounded by a dampening fluid to reduce pointer
bounce, especially those generated by fuel sender float fluctuation.
A temperature compensating resistor is utilized to minimize negative effects of
temperature extremes on the gauge.
All coils are placed in an annealed metal bobbin can to prevent the magnetic field
generated by an operating gauge from effecting other instruments on the dash such as
compasses and other electronic equipment. Additionally this can protects the gauge
itself from negative magnetic effects common in wiring harnesses.

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