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boat receiver / GPS boat receiver / GPS


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    for boats

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The Veethree GPS Receiver is the most accurate solution for converting an existing electrical speedometer into a GPS speedometer.

Standard GPS with 1-second (1Hz) update rate that outputs NMEA 0183 info.

Fast update GPS with 1/10-second (10Hz) update that outputs NMEA 0183 info.

Fast update GPS with a 1/10- second (10Hz) update that outputs 8- or 16-pulse signal to drive existing electrical speedos on the market.

•1Hz unit outputs NMEA0183 data at 4800 baud, 8 data bits,1 stop bit, no parity (NMEA 0183 standard).
•10Hz unit outputs same NMEA messages at 38,400 baud.
• Receiver output is a differential signal to meet NMEA 0183 specs. [The input on the speedo head is an opto-coupled NMEA0183 differential input].
• Operating voltage is 10-32V DC; unit typically consumes <50mA at 12V.
•Operating temperature -30 to +85°C,storage -40 to +125°C.
•Cold/warm/hot start times are <35/<34/<1 seconds.
•66 channels for acquisition, 22 for simultaneous tracking.
•Position accuracy is“<3m CEP (50%) without SA (horizontal)” or“3.0m 2D RMS”.
• Velocity accuracy is“0.1m/s
without aid”.
•The default NMEA output messages are GGA, GSA, RMC, VTG, and GSV
•For 8/16 pulse unit only: The pulse output is a square wave, low voltage should be <0.5V,
high voltage will be (supply0.5)V.

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