all-around stand-up paddle-board / windSUP / inflatable / beginner's
AIRWIND 11 lounge



  • Intended use:

    all-around, windSUP

  • Structure:


  • Other characteristics:

    beginner's, for 1 to 3 persons, child's

  • Material:



Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with 2 options: WINDSURF & KAYAK

specially designed for all those who wish to vary the pleasures: paddle tand up or kayak with a seat or windsurfing, this new board is multi activities.

length: 330 cm

width: 85 cm

thickness: 15 cm

weight: about 12 kg

Construction: This board is manually designed with a process that consists of sewing hundreds of wires between the deck and the hull to withstand a pressure of almost 1 bar (15 psi) without deformation.

The basic structure once sewn then receives by gluing blanks PVC fabric cover and reinforcements to ensure sealing and impact resistance on the principle of rafting boats.

EN 2019 TIKI FACTORY is the ONLY MANUFACTURER who has equipped his boards with TRIPLE SKIN REINFORCEMENTS on the bottom of the board, which guarantees increased longevity.

Equipment: this SUP is equipped with 2 removable fins, one in the center and one on the back mounted on box US BOX.

This configuration allows for easy implementation and optimized storage.

It has 3 carrying handles and 2 towing rings.

This model has been specially developed for people wishing maximum buoyancy including 100 KG / 120 kg

as well as practitioners who want to wander with a sail (option) or kaya seat