lighting pedestal / information / electrical distribution / water supply
RP Two Plus



  • Type:

    lighting, information, electrical distribution, water supply

  • Installation:

    for docks

  • Other characteristics:

    LED, with meter, pre-payment system, compact


The Marina Point RPTWO PLUS nautical services bollard is a versatile compact structure designed for use as a distribution point for electricity, water, warnings, information and other in tourist ports and marinas.
The service bollard has been designed so that the user can access it alone, easily, safely and at any time of day.
User authorization and cost allocation is by means of an electronic key type transponder.

300 x 300 x 1100 mm

Shell material
Linear Polyethylene, anti UV fulldepth colouring

Protection grade

High-efficiency vertical LED bar.

The management logic can be either through subsequent debiting or pay-asyou-go. In the first case, the user is given a key in which his personal pin number is recorded and which, when read by the control unit, allows the service used to be selected and the associated consumption read.
In the second case, the user tops-up the key with a variable amount and enables the service required by transferring the credit to the control unit.
The external structure, manufactured in monobloc Polyethylene using the rotational moulding technique, guarantees high resistance to impact, solar radiation, chemicals agents and salt spray. The same external shell can be produced in a wide range of colours.