wind anemometer / GPS / marine / digital



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    wind anemometer, GPS

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The OMC-131 True wind display is specially designed for easy read out of "true" and "relative" wind information on board sea going vessels. The unit is suitable for panel mounting as well as mounting into a standard 19" rack. Any inclination is allowed and no additional control units are required.

Information from a GPS is required for calculation of the true wind; when this data is invalid, or at low speeds, the display uses headings from the Gyro and speed from the log. Relative wind direction is indicated within a double circle relative to the longitudinal axis of the vessel. Both circles consist of 36 LED's for average direction and variation. Inside these circles numeric displays indicates the corresponding relative and true wind speed. The unit was primarily intended for use with the OMC-160 wind sensors, but most other sensors can be connected to the system.