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ship stabilizer / retractable ship stabilizer / retractable


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When a ship begins to roll in rough sea conditions, it may deviate from its course. In turn, considerable amounts of money and time may be lost. To minimize the risk of that happening, owners and operators of mega-yachts, container ships, cruise ships and other vessels rely on Simplex fin stabilizers. These heavy-duty stabilizers meet and exceed the exacting requirements of todays most demanding vessels.

A few of the main advantages of Simplex fin stabilizers include:

Retractable Fins They fold in when they are not in use, which keeps them safe and produces less drag.
Adaptive Control Provides easy operation and monitoring. It also makes installation exceptionally easy.
Large Fin Range Regardless of the performance requirements or fin size of a ship, these fin stabilizers are available in a range that is sure to meet your specification.

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