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    for harbors

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    parallel motion


Parallel Motion Fenders are individually engineered systems and could be designed with different rubber units, but typically with SPC Cone Fenders, CSS Cell Fenders or FE Element Fenders.

A turning lever arm (torsion arm) is mounted between the back structure (concrete or steel) and the frontal steel panel. The arm restrains the panel movement during the entire fender compression, allowing it to move only parallel to its mounting, irrespective of impact level and angle.

PM Fender systems have to be uniquely designed for each project in order to cover all the individual vessel and berthing requirements as well as the site conditions. ShibataFenderTeam would be pleased to receive your design input allowing us to engineer the correct type, size and overall layout of the PM Fender system.
The PM Fender system can be delivered pre-assembled, depending on size.


Equal energy absorption capacity at any impact level
No second contact point between the ship and the fender system
Reaction forces could be substantially lower for back-to-back rubber unit configuration
cost-effective: Lower reaction forces -> lower hull pressures -> lighter substructure
Usually no reduction of performance at large berthing angles


Bulk Terminals
Oil & Gas Terminals
Ferry & RoRo Terminals
Load sensitive structures