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    for harbors

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The Cylindrical Fender was the first fender type to be produced with a defined performance. Installation is simple by using chains, bars, ropes or specially designed ladder brackets, depending on the fender size and substructure. The Cylindrical Fenders' proportional increase of reaction force and energy absorption all the way to the rated deflection is an advantage resulting in softer berthing.

Cylindrical Fenders are available extruded and wrapped, depending on the size. They are available in outside diameter up to 2,700 mm and inside diameter ranging from 50 to 1,300 mm, variable in length up to 20 m. The length is mainly limited by handling and transport and typically, very long Cylindrical Fenders are used for tug boat bows and are often split in 3 sections). All Cylindrical Fenders could be delivered with the respective fixings (chains, brackets, support bar, ladder brackets).

Special dimensions and features such as pre-bending or jointing can be requested.


Very robust and simple
Easy to install
High abrasion resistance
Proportional load deflection curve


Multiple usage at different berths
Bulk Terminals
General Cargo Terminals
RoRo Terminals
Tug Boats