marina crane / pivoting jib

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marina crane / pivoting jib marina crane / pivoting jib


  • Application domain:

    for marinas

  • Type:

    pivoting jib

  • Working load:

    5 t (5.5 us ton)


Post mounted jib crane is a very space-saving solution for your ship to be lifted out of the water.

The column crane can be made with a single arm, on which one tackle is mounted. A lifting equator used lift the shipout of the water. The column canalsobe performed with 4 crane lifting arms, each carrying a pulley which is mounted, this ensures that the vessel cannot turn.

An advantage is that each arm can separately lift a quarter of the total liftingweight. Another major advantage of this craneis that yachts with standing mast can be lifted.

Post mounted jib cranes are available with a fixed or movable mast crane, which can be placed on one of the four lifting arms on the back of the boom structure.

The post mounted jib cranes can be supplied from 5tons to100tons.

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