marina crane / pivoting jib
SRC 420

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marina crane / pivoting jib marina crane / pivoting jib - SRC 420


  • Application domain:

    for marinas

  • Type:

    pivoting jib


The space safing Schilstra Boatlift 20 tons rotating boatcrane is build with durability and easy operating in mind.
Because of its four lifting units the crane can be operated by just one person.
The rotating of the crane is done half way the the colom on a welded rail.
This is driven by two electrical gear motors witch ensures a smooth turing of the crane even in strong winds.
The rotating is frequency regulated which means the drive motor has a soft start and stop which keeps the boat from swinging.
The crane is build with a 125% safety margin and the ridgid construction makes that each lifting arm is capable of lifting 5 tons, and not like our compatitors where always all the four points have to be used to keep the jib from twisting.
This construction makes that the crane complies to all standerds.
The crane can be equipped with an fixed or an hydraulic arm with an electrical hoisting point to remove masts from boats.
Whent the crane is equipped with an mast crane the crane will befitted with handrail and ladders.

all the electrical controll componentes are inside the colom witch can be entered trough a door . Here is also a little room for storage of the boat slings ore others.

The crane is standerd remote controlled and has an controll on a cable in case the remote ever fails.

The cranes can be build with electrical chain hoists or cable winches.

Our colom jib cranes can be build from 2 up to over 100 tons capacity.

Heigth and reach can be adapted to your wisches.

Ask us for all possibilities or a free quotation.

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